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August 01, 2005

sockapal-2-za (and other WIPs) updates

one complete sockapal-2-za sock

you are looking at a complete sock for the exchange. unfortunately the second sock is still as a ball of yarn. i am going to cast on for the second one in a couple days.

it really did not take that long to knit this pattern. i was overly multi-tasking when this sock was made. so, instead of having a pair of socks done, i finished the sleeves for audrey.

audrey's sleeves

as for butterfly, i'm still clicking away on the hem (therefore no pictures to show). however, after reading the knitalong on craftster, i've decided to knit it in round to avoid seaming the lace.

what else? a new project!! well, i had some linen drape sitting in my stash for a while and i was dying to use it up before the summer ends! so, grumperina's tivoli T became the perfect thing to make! with only less than four balls of linen drape, i'm hoping that it'll be enough to finish this top!! i do not want to buy another ball of yarn! one question, what type of cast on do you tivoli knitters do after the BO for yoke?

and when i'm not knitting, i'm constantly thinking how my self-designed sweater is going to turn out. i want to clear off my WIPs so i can focus on this project with full, undivided attention (adding on a brand new project kind of make this last sentence a bit phony!).

the beginning of tivoli T


Oh my! I love that sock! You want to make me a pair don't you?!

That is one pretty sock. Love the green. Don't forget to make the other one!Tivoli should look great on you.

Yay! You're knitting Audrey! And you picked the best color, ever :-)

You really are knitting like crazy! I love all your projects and can't wait to see how your tivoli turns out! That sock looks really nice too!

Love the sock! Love the photo of the sock! Love the color of Audrey, can't wait to see you in Tivoli!

I love Tivoli. I used a cable cast on after the yoke. I can't really remember, but seem to recall that I picked up an extra stitch on each end of the cast on and then knit it together with the first non-cast on stitch (i'm pretty sure that didn't make any sense, but I don't know how to explain it) E-mail me if you want a better explanation.

All of your current projects are growing nicely. Are your thoughts about your own creation taking shape yet?

Love the sock! I think I used the cable cast on...or knit cast on...or thumb cast on for the t. All will work!

Pretty pretty sock! Whoever gets your sock will be lucky indeed!For my Tivoli, I did the cabled cast on too and I did exactly what Stephanie wrote earlier with the first and last stitches.Thank you for posting on my blog! I love all of your projects and your cats too!!!

Ooooh, second blog I have seen this sock on today! I love it and you did such a lovely job. Your sock pal is a lucky one.

You do have a lot of projects going on. I love the Tivoi tank. Can't wait to see everything. How is Butterfly coming along?

beautiful work and beautiful photography. that sock looks stunning

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