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August 08, 2005

stashing knitting books

so i finally ordered a copy of teva durham's loop d loop!! bliss! i totally love this book. she is one of the greatest knitwear designers in my world, and i'm so happy to see all the inspirational, whimsical designs that would totally make non-knitters envied with drools! here are a couple that will definitely on my knit list:

beautiful princess seam jacket! how elegant and modern is that?

whimsical fair-isle sweater, a must have!!

i have lately become interested in fair-isle and intarsia knitting. i know they are not the most relaxing techniques to work with, but all those shetland knittings are just too beautiful to ignore. felicia's recent posts had certainly add to my growing desire to learn this technique as well. unfortunately i don't have few hundred dollars to spare me some alice starmore's collection. but why are these books so ungodly expensive is completely beyond me. nonetheless, one of these days, i'd love to own this cardigan by jade starmore.

glenalbyn by jade starmore, how pretty!!
i also bought the latest book by nicky epstein, "knitting over the edge". i have not look into it in detail, but it seems to be a great reference book. i am especially interested in the "color" section. she has some great designs and ideas which will be helpful for sure! i have also heard some good things about her earlier book "knitting on the edge", i don't think these two books exhibited much redundancy, so, i may have to add that one to my library on a later date.
reference book from nicky epstein


Hmm... Fairisle knitting: serious stuff that... No distraction allowed there I should think. These a beautiful designs and I am looking forward to seeing you have a go. (I am too much of a coward myself to even try)

Those are my two favorite patterns from Loop-d-loop too - although I've never tried fair isle and that doesn't seem like the project to try it with. But I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with both patterns!

i love that she uses some models that are "older." and the guy with the long, long black hair? love him!

that princess seam jacket is on my 'must knit' list too

i also love that princess seam jacket. lately i've become obsessed with a jade startmore aran pattern called st colomba.

I love some of that fair isle too! The one on the older woman is lovely, but I like the one next to it on the dark haired younger woman... Its all so beautiful!

Hey Blossom! Yes! I love that fair isle from Teva's new book -- so elegant, yet subversive! And of course, I've become a bit of a Starmore groupie now. I noticed that in last Fall's Rowan mag, there are a couple fair isle projects, but they look like you might need to knit them flat -- that is, you might need to knit and purl in fair isle. Ick. Knitting in the round is so much more fun. Try something small... a hat maybe? Knitty.com had a fair isle hat pattern last year (Chullo?) that used two colours of Shetland wool.

Ooooh, the princess seam jacket is fabulous. Crap. I might have to look into it a bit. Just what I need, another project. I'm intrigued by fair isle, but am saving up my courage. Maybe something simple - does such a thing exist?

Ooo, I have the first Nicky Epstein book and I absolutely love it. It's a great reference book and gives you some great ideas. I haven't yet seen her second one, so I'm very jealous!

The Princss Seamed jacket has been on my "to do" list ever since I bought that book. When elann started selling the yarn, I made sure to buy some and stick it in my stash for when the weather gets cooler. And fair isle...I'm a little apprehensive.

Hi there,Thanks so much for the nice comment on about my apron!I know what you mean about knitting books being expensive. Its good to hear some feedback on these books before buying them, so thanks for the informative posts.Tere :)

i went to the bookstore and that loop d loop is gorgeous! i am gonna wait to buy it though! i tagged you for a meme! go to my site and copy paste!

Those two books are on my wishlist! And now that you've shared a peek at the inside of Teva Durham's book, I want to get it even more. Thanks!

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