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August 21, 2005

summer ends with a white tivoli

grumperina's tivoli T in rowan's linen drape

knit project: grumperina knits - tivoli T
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: 33.5 in
yarn: rowan's linen drape in bleached
knitting specs: US 5 cir.

few months ago i knitted julia's honeymoon cami to start my summer. i'm ending my summer knits today with a white tivoli.

late summer days are usually pretty nice, especially in the evenings. warm and breezy. cafe chairs are still outside, cold beer, cocktails, one more late night barbeque fun. but if you look closer, there is already a hint of autumn in the air.

i love late summers, just like how i love my tivoli T.

will grumperina eventually get tired of all the compliments for tivoli? i hope she will never as i'm about to praise her and this pattern once more. she is a true designer. who needs debbie bliss or martin storey when we have knit bloggers who can provide beautiful, simple patterns? i love how simple and clean this pattern confers as well as the versatility of it. any yarn, any body shape can use a tivoli T.

i finished tivoli middle of last week and i wore it to work the next day. it was warm out but linen drape kept it cool for me. i wore it again to a bar that evening. the knit still held its shape. i can see myself wearing this white tivoli many times more; tomorrow, early fall and all the way till the next summer.

now i must ask grumperina, what's in the name of tivoli?

tivoli deserves all my summer love!


beautiful, blossom!

Looks wonderful on you! Such neat edging and it's the perfect size. Great job!

Another perfect top, it looks great, so elegant!

That's such a classic look for you! Gorgeous. Enjoy it as long as you can this season!

oh it fits so beautifully - what a gorgeous FO

You look fabulous darling!!BTW- Your Covington is all cut out ready to be sewn up in the next few days.

Beautiful! Did you make adjustments to the pattern to prevent the stockinette from rolling? It lies so flat on your neck...Looks fantastic!

Beautiful. I especially like those darts on the front. They are a great detail.

Love it! We seem to both have something for white/cream colors :) It looks beautiful on you...

Oh, you make me blush :). The yarn is gorgeous and knit up very well, and the fit is great on you. Very nice photos, too. The t-shirt wouldn't be much without good knitting, good blocking, and good photos, right? Enjoy, yours is gorgeous! Gallery, anyone? Let me know.

You look adorable in that top!

hi there, great job on your tivoli and you look gorgeous in it. Your photo look very professional.

It's perfect. You look so beautiful in it! :-)

why is it that you look so good in everything you make!!gorgeous....or did i already say that about your last FO.

SO pretty! You look great, and so does the knit! ;) Thanks for all of your help yesterday--I really appreciated it! Glad to see you got the word authentication too keep those spammers away!Take care~

Gorgeous! That linen drape worked so well!

Fabulous! Excellent yarn choice.

Beautiful. Isn't that pattern just the best? It looks fabulous on you, and I love the white. Another win (and that hubby does take lovely pictures)

Love, love, love how your Tivoli-T turned out. What a perfect summer top!

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