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August 01, 2005

this fall

have you seen the newest rowan magazine? please go take a look and share your thoughts.

why do i feel that without the presence of ms. hargreaves, rowan is becoming a bit weird. well, given that it's monday morning and i'm not caffeine-induced, not exactly the best moment to share one's opinion on a new season's fashion. but, just read it for a laugh!

waited with high anticipation, i was a bit, say, disappointed with the newest rowan. i was hoping to see the patterns and had "wow, what a great idea!" or "that looks just totally fabulous" thoughts in my head, instead of "hmm, haven't i seen this somewhere already" or "this is anthropolgie wannabe". i know at the end of the day, there are only so many ways you can make a sweater, but for a leading magazine, we all expect them to be the bottleneck breaker, eh?

nevertheless, there are still a few designs i'd like to make. mostly from kaffe fassett. brocade, is probably the only design that had caught my attention!! can someone tell me where's the knitwear in this design? i can't see it. i think rowan should also sell the clothes modeled in the magazine, they are sometimes more interesting than the knitwear.

along with this new magazine, RYC also releases their new books for the season. still, above comments can equally applied to these, too. but a tad better. maybe i won't shed off too much moolah to rowan this season. that, my friend, is a good thing.

i may have to start paying more attention to debbie bliss, she might have something interesting this season. or, noro for a change?


Hmmm, thanks for pointing out that link, new patterns are fun! I am also finding Brocade very attractive.. but if its intarsia, not sure if I am up for that! I really like the colorwork pillows/throws in the classic home book too.

I've been waiting on this new Rowan mag and I'm very disappointed. Some of the stuff is so weird it's disturbing. I don't see how you could waste money on the yarn to make that stuff let alone wear it in public.

So...I knew the new Rowan was going to be bizarre. Someone on my knitting list saw it a while ago and we've been making fun of the panda intarsia sweater vest for quite some time. I'm told that we should just expect this type of thing from now on. So depressing....

how disappointing - my copy hasn't arrived yet but from the little previews i've been seeing around blogland, i'm distinctly unimpressed.

From what I saw there, it is nothing amazing... like you said though, there are several pictures where you look and don't see a knit... what is up with that? :) Thanks for pointing that out. I think you saved me $20. I do like the brocade though... Have a good one, Blossom~

Yes, this is disappointing. Maybe Rowan should invest a little more time and money in the actual projects than the very elaborate styling. I still have hopes that some pieces wil grow on me. But I doubt I'll buy this copy.

Personally, I'm relieved. My to-do list couldn't have withstood a good issue. This is one magazine I can cross of my list.

Totally agree! Knitted items are weird -- but the photography and some of the clothes are gorgeous!

I had a quick preview this morning and what a disappointment it was!... Glad in a way that I am not the only one thinking that way (I thought I was growing old all of a sudden...) Problem is, as I have joined Rowan International, I will receive it anyway. I only can hope now that one pattern or two will grow on me once I have a better look...

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