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August 12, 2005

what is better than...

who needs campbell when you can do it yourself?

some homemade chicken noodle soup??

i love cooking, though i did not always love cooking. my sister has a degree in hotel management and is the person in the family who knows how to cater a five-star meal. not that i was a lucky receiver of that skill of hers on a regular basis (for she has always live in a different country from me) but it did made me think twice about acquiring some level of culinary proficiency, so when in times of need, i can also whip up fabulous dishes with ease.

so, chicken noodle soup. who won't love some of that after a whole day of hard labor, stress-filled meetings and exposing in the metro pollution, eh?

most of all, it's simple: chop up some veggies, get some chicken breast fillets, toss in some egg noodles... there you have it. ok, maybe a proper recipe is a better help.

happy weekend, more knitting later (hint: audrey is almost done!).

UPDATE: looks like spammers had creeped into "whispering pine", before i find a better way to stop them, anonymous commenters will not be allowed at this moment.


chicken noodle soup is a family favourite ... we have it as an entree for every significant meal (birthday's, christmas, easter..etc etc) and it is also a cure all according to my mum. chicken pox, homesickness, colds, flus, cancer and world peace. chicken noodle soup does it all. ours is usually so special that it has home made egg noodles in it. yum!

Your chicken noodle soup looks very good!! Well done!! Pity I couldn't taste it!! Let me know if you need more soup recipes, I have some fantastic ones that both Grant & Ethan like very much...

what a great noodle soup! It looks fabulous and yummy :) I have such a soup addiction in cooler weathers. Yeah, spam has got me too... I need to do something about it soon too I think. Can't wait to see Audrey!

Yummy. Thanks for the recipe - I'm a sucker for an easy soup recipe.

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