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September 09, 2005

etsy, all things handmade

i had two separate encounters of etsy today. one, from my beloved secret pal turned friend, mac; second, from my favorite knit blogger, felicia. both had something to do with knitting/yarn.

mac, an avid fundrasier had asked me to spread the word for "craftsters united"at etsy, there you will find many lovely items donated by crafters around the world to raise money for people affected by katrina. i'm thinking of making something to donate this weekend.

felicia has decided to sell her fabulous handspun yarns! she had set up a "sweetshop" at etsy, too! i quickly snatched one as i have been admiring her spinning for a while. this is what i will get getting:

the rusted sock yarn is coming to me from the lovely sweet shop!


Aha! You're the one who got rusty. I would have bought it myself, but clearly I was too late. Oh well, at least I can see you knit it up and enjoy it that way!

Oooo...those look beautiful.I just read your last post, and I agree, most people don't understand what it means to knit a gift--the money and time, and not to mention the will power it sometimes takes to give something away when you've put all that into it.I also wanted to mention that you made me feel better by saying you spent $150 on Willow. I feel terribly guilty for spending what I do on sweaters made with called-for yarn (I'm a sucker for Rowan in particular), even though I know I'm also paying for the privilege of knitting it, which is so much more enjoyable with nice yarn. Thanks!Tere

Oooh, pretty orange sock yarn!Sorry: what it 'etsy'?

Fun new sock yarn! They'll be such perfect Fall socks!

Yay to sock yarn! Yeah, Etsy seems like something i might do.. A friend of mine has her shop on there and says it is working out really well for her...

This is cool! I wonder if they take donations from people abroad?

Yummy. You scored and I'm jealous. I can't wait to see what you make with your new yarn.

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