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September 12, 2005

knit swaps

now that the sockapal-2-za socks are washed and packed away to be sent, i am focused on finishing off yet another "friday harbor" for nikki-shell. we are doing a swap that she would make me an amy butler's covington bag, and in return, i would make her a pair of "friday harbor" socks! since the covington bag is all finished (so pretty!), i need to quickly finish these socks to redeem this lovely bag.
is it blue, or green? or spruce?
who can tell me what color is this yarn? the label said it is "evergreen", so i like to believe this color is meant to be green. my husband thinks it is more blue. i'm just plain confused. i know it is variegated but i'm hoping this is not too rainbowy for nikkishell. i swear this color resembles little of what the color card had shown.

nonetheless, i love working with mountain color's bearfoot. it is really a nice sock yarn and it knits up quite nicely. i can almost memorize this pattern now so the knitting is quite relaxing for the most part.

mountain color's bearfoot is soft and luscious, that is no doubt about that part!


Whatever colour this yarn is meant to be, I love it.Like the sweet pictures of your cats too. I wish mine would stay still long enough for me to take a photo, but every time I point the camera in his direction, he walks away!

Mmm, those socks look so cozy! What a great trade.

I would have made you a bag in exchange for socks! And I do so love Amy Butler patterns. Bearfoot yarn is great and I find that it doesn't always closely resemble the picture - I think the hand dyed nature makes it variable. The one you have is really pretty and such a lovely pattern. I say - a good trade.

WOOHOOO!! Look at my yummy socks! They look fabulous!

Oooh, yummy. I'm so glad to hear that you're liking both Friday Harbor and the Barefoot yarn, cause I have both and will, at some point, make those darn socks! :) My colorway is called something like Midnight. Pretty. But I love Evergreen, too!

What a deal! This is an awesome trade. The socks look terrific so far.

Those socks look really nice! Hmm, blue, don't see blue on my computer screen, but if its Bearfoots, its gotta be divine :)

These are beautiful! And your sock pal socks are wonderful, too. I like your color choices.

I love the color too, very subtle. Socks! I need to get me some sock knitting!

Those socks are so Great!!! I love the pattern! What kind of sock yarn is that?

I absolutely love that color!!!

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