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September 11, 2005

man and cat

yes, it's been a while since i shared pictures of our cats, well, they are difficult to photograph afterall.

drizzit: too tired. must sleep. even it's really sunny outside.

zoe: bored, just too bored. need to go outside and hunt.

pumpkin: the flirty furball of the house. she is my husband's girlfriend.

pumpkin: check out that claw! what a feline bitch!!


Aw. :-)

Reminds me of my husband and our cat Poppy. I call her 'Kev's number 1'.

Yay! Cat pictures! I adore cat pictures -- especially calicos. :)

Too cute! There's nothing like photos of men with cats or babies. I've been meaning to ask you - what kind of camera do you use? I always like the look of your photos and I'm thinking of getting a new camera.

I can see that Pumpkin is saying "Stay AWAY from my man!"

oh my! That's so adorable! I'd love to have a cat one day but my mom absolutely hates them.

oooh oooh ... they are all so lovely! Everybody knows I adore cats! All your kitty pictures are copies in my harddrive now. Thanks for sharing!

Aww...my favorites that I get of my cat are the covered eye sleeping shots. They're just too cute.

Cute hubby and kitties. Have a good week.

Awwww... They are adorable!

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