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September 25, 2005

my first noro

silk garden heaven
gorgeous noro yarn has arrived last week, and i totally loved it!! i think japanese is the most genius race in the whole craft department. noro silk garden has a very rustic look, the softness did not come into mind until you touched it with your hands. almost half of the fiber is composed of silk; the beautiful, luscious silk! what a dream... however, what i love about the silk garden is the color. i had such a hard time picking the color since they varies quite a bit, even with the same colorway. it may appear red, but in another source, it may look brown. it is variegation on a larger than life scale which i totally love. but let's be totally honest here: i would not have love them so much if it was not for how much i had paid for, $66 incl. shipping on ebay. what a deal!

this particular color, #217, ranges from purply pink to golden flakes to muted charcoals and browns. it is a winter color, and it would make a sweater looks warm and cozy, which is perfect for what they are going to become- klaralund by cornelia tuttle. i can not wait to start but only if i have the pattern. i am a bit reluctant to invest in a whole book as klaralund is the only pattern i like, and have been wondering if i can just swap patterns with other knitters? hmm...

anyway, anna's SYNO shrug is almost done! and i'm hoping to finish the back piece of the alpakka sweater this weekend as well. then, i'll have to show you my sockapal-two-za socks (which are the loveliest socks i have ever seen from kathy), my amy butler's covington bag from nichola and, my very own backyard leaves scarf made by the knitting fairy known as the lovely stephanie from wyoming!


Is it there yet? I'm on pins and needles here! The noro is lovely and the price is even better! I can't wait to see all the pictures.

This Noro yarn is absolutely beautiful and I do hope you can find the pattern to knit it. I did'nt realise it came from a book. Good luck in your search!

I've been thinking about knittng Klaralund too but like you, I don't want to invest in the book only to knit one sweater out of it. If you take a look at this site: http://www.livejournal.com/users/skrillaknits/6050.html you'll see how easy it is to make your own Klaralund without the pattern. Just and idea.

very pretty silk garden colorway! I love it...(ps - email me for a swap... I think I can help you out)

Lovely Noro. And it gets even softer after a bath. I'm so glad you got your socks!

Lovely Noro!When are you planning to start your Klaralund? I would love to cast on for them together--even if we are hundreds of miles apart :)

Great Colorway, I have the pattern if you want a swap, let me know.strawberryfever@hotmail.com

Very pretty Noro. Klaralund is a fast and fabulous knit!

wow, do you own shares in us mail...because the postman is sure running overtime at your house! can't wait to see all your new goodies.

I am so jealous of your Noro!! So far I've been able to talk myself out of succumbing to the allure... and it was easier in the summertime... but I've been searching ebay every day for a week now. I can just tell I'm about to cave.Did you get the pattern for Klaralund?

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