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September 22, 2005

never say never

my LYS has moved to a bigger and better location and i went by the new store yesterday and was so excited to find rowan yarns and patterns!! not only that, the LYS lady also carries some beautiful amy butler fabrics! oh i so want to learn how to sew.

perhaps i have expressed my premature opinions on rowan 38 a while back, well, i guess i was wrong! rowan 38 is indeed a very lovely magazine, patterns are interesting, colors are vibrant, and i can not love that gorgeous cover model more! in fact, i'm seriously thinking of making wallis! that thing is definitely a fashion statement!!

wallis from rowan 38
what i have also discovered this week was that i still can not figure the html thing out! i was trying to not have to format my font style every time i create a post by setting the master template, well, turns out that i had messed up something and had to reload the whole template again. as a result, you may now find some posts have smaller fonts and this completely bugs me. hopefully that will be fixed soon. hopefully!!

so i have sent off the sockpal socks mid last week, my sock pal should have gotten that by late last week but still i have not gotten any feedback from her. maybe she hates my socks. or her dog/cat ate them? and i have not received any socks either.**

though i love my secret pals (past and present) but i have also discovered that i don't like this whole secret swap/exchange thing, too much weirdness. though never say never.

but i love SYNO, you know exactly who you are dealing with.

**update: i have heard from both of my sock pals after this entry was posted. now, all is well. i'm relieved, and i can go to sleep now. lesson learned: be a patient knitter.


Wallis is very nice! I don't think I could pull it off though - I'm too short maybe. Hmmm...

yeah - i'm with you about the secret swaps/exchanges! although even something like syno is not infallible as i have recently found out.

Wallis could be really cool! Its very cute and different. I hope you try it.

I agree with you on the secret swap thing. I've always found it a bit scary. Crossing my fingers you'll get your socks soon! Wallis was the first thing that really appealled to me from the new Rowan, I can definitely see that on you. I now also like Miss Marple, which is very similar.

I like Rowan 38 ... which is my first Rowan magazine. Wallis is cool ... go for it.Maybe your sock pal has been preoccupied with some other business ... give a little more patienct. I'm sure your socks would be welcomed.

I'm also starting to like Rowan 38. The patterns are definitely growing on me. I think the secret pal thing is a little strange too... I was never a fan of secret santas either. I hope you do knit Wallis, it looks like fun to make!

Oh yes, I am waiting for sock pal socks too...and too see if my pal got them...I am a little worried.

So sorry! Your socks are finished and will be winging their way to you tomorrow, hopefully arriving within a few days. I'll make sure to tuck something in along with them to make the wait a little more worth it :-)

hi anonymous sockpal, thank you for your comment!! i look forward to receiving them!! but i'm more concerned with the socks i sent out.

I love that Rowan design as well, but I don' tknow if I'd be able to carry it off. I'd need a long flouncy skirt and some kickin' boots, I think...

Bigger yarn store! That must be heaven. I actually found a few things in Rowan 38 that I like and Betty is on my to-knit list. Wallis is cool - you should go for it. Good luck on getting your socks and promise you won't hate me if you don't like your scarf. (but I think it's really pretty)

I think the secret pal thing works in a small environment, and the knitblog world has just grown SO fast! (not a bad thing--it is just probability) Perhaps SYNOs are the way to go from now on--knowing who you are dealing with... Hope your socks are received a logged in soon--maybe your recipient is out of town? Take care~

That top would look better on you! Can't wait to see your sock pal socks...she sounds like a great pal.

I want to see your socks! can't wait.. glad the new store is carrying all those goodies :) I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics!

I hope that you do knit the garment from the Rowan 38 cover. I'm always interested to see "real people" wearing these edgy (to me) knits.

I keep eyeing Wallis from Rowan 38 as well. I don't know what it is about it, but I am so intrigued by it. I'd like to see it on a 'real' person though... :)

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