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September 05, 2005

presenting sockapal-2-za socks

friday harbor in patons kroy 4ply

knit project: friday harbor socks
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: women's
yarn: paton kroy
knitting specs: US 2 cir.

so unbelievably relieved that the socks are now done. all it needs now is a bath and a bit of blocking! knitting socks for me is both fun and dreadful. i love knitting the first sock, the second one, however, becomes a complete torture! why is that? i need to get over it.

anyway, i found this pattern promotes a bit of sagging. i may try to cast on with needles only one size bigger (instead of three sizes) next time. is there going to be a next time? oh yes! and for a great reason, too! the talented nikkishell and i are undergoing a private swap. i knit her a pair of socks, she makes me a bag (total bliss!).

thanks alison for such a wonderful knitalong, i hope my sock pal will enjoy the friday harbor socks for many winters to come!

now, who is my secret sock pal? what socks am i going to get? can't wait...


Those are remarkably cute, your pal will love 'em!

Oooh! They're gorgeous, i can't wait to have mine on my feet, although there's no hurry.

They're beautiful. I've seen so many Friday Harbors in variegated yarns. The solid really shows off the pattern nicely!

Wow, so pretty. Greenish harbour, I like that! Your sock pal will be very happy.

They are perfect! I love them with the long legs too :) Aww.. You got a ball winder and swift I see! I am super jealous. The cakes look so pretty!

Beautiful! I think I'm going to have to get my hands on that pattern--the solid yarn really shows it off!

What lovely socks! Love how the pattern shows up well. Lucky sock pal!

how could your pal not like them? they are LOVELY! ;)

Wow! Beautiful socks, you should be very proud!


They look great - nice job!

Wow, they're stunning! The green yarn shows off the pattern so well. I may have to make these now!

Yummy - great yarn and a great pattern. Your sock pal is really lucky.

Those are beautiful ... your sock pal certainly hit the jackpot!

Cute socks! I am wishing you are my sock pal!

They are fabulous! The dark color shows off the pattern so beautifully.

The socks are beautiful! What a great job you did!!

Your socks look great & I love that shade of green! :-)

Those look so fabulous! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, what a lucky sock pal you have!

Wooo! Love your socks!

Beautiful socks. Your secret sock pal will love them.p.s. love the yarn cakes too!

Those are such cute socks. You have a very lucky secret pal! :)

Those are nice! The first time I saw finished Friday Harbor socks, I bought Knitting on the Road. They're just so fabulous looking.

What a lucky sock pal! Your pally will definitely love those. :)

wow! Stunning. What a terrific pair. I would be so so so thrilled to get those!can't wait to see what you get...the suspense. I may do the next sockpal3za if there is one. I love knitting socks. yours are really amazing!

They are VERY pretty!

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