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September 16, 2005

sweet surprises!

from the package label to the thank you card, it's sweetgeorgia all the way!

and the yarn, just like its creator, is sweet and beautiful. the color "rusted" is granite slate, coppertone and various shades of soft greys. it is vibrant and i love it so much that i had to show it to my husband. of course, he loves it so much too that he wants a pair of socks with this yarn. well, i would have said no if it's not for my better pal...

mountain colors bearfoot in redtail hawk, nicely packaged with a set of US1 crystal palace dpns; a bar of soap smells like shea butter; a cutest sheep card and some cinnamon tea, and vermints. how spoilt can i be?

my better pal has a delicate heart, she reads my blog and she reads thoughts. she knew that i love to have some bearfoot yarn, the scent of shea butter, so she gave those to me. and she knew that i always have trouble finishing off a pair of socks so i was given a lovely pattern "whisper rib and shepherd's lace", interesting and beautiful enough to hold my attention. she pays attention to my frivolous, luxurious needs, and i love her dearly already. thank you, better pal!

and you think my indulgence with knitting would stop here, right? no. i just won a pack of noro's silk garden #217 on ebay (at half of the retail price). i have been stalking the auctions for a while and i was pleasantly surprised to acquire them at this price. bliss! and, purply and brown shades of these silk garden yarns will become the famous klaralund. can't wait... well, i do need a copy of the pattern first!


What yummy goodness. I just love packages, even if they aren't mine. You have a very nice secret pal

You lucky girl, those packages are lovely and I love this Klaralund pattern you are going to get. Happy knitting!

Holy Cow! I got behind in blog reading and just got up to date with your last few entries - I love the socks, and do think they look kind of blue - and am soooo impressed with your designing foray!! AND I am way jealous of your giftees... shea butter soap?? And that Mountain Colors Yarn? Complete Jeaousy over here!!!

Yay! You got the package in one piece! Hope you have fun with the yarn!!!

Ooooh I love the colors on both of those yarns. Those will look great knitted up! I like the socks - and the kitties too!

Wonderful gifts! You are a lucky girl aren't you?

Lovely gifties, and can't wait to see your yarn for Klaralund. I hope to cast on for mine sometime within the next few months... maybe November. Have a lovely weekend~

Oooh, everything looks delightful - it sounds like you're switching into full fall knitting mode!!

I love all your packages, how wonderful! I also just saw all the kitty pictures down below.. they are just too cute :)

I didn't need to read a post about how wonderful Bearfoot is....no....no....damn. I've been resisting... Now I'll have to go look up both those. And probably buy.beautiful colours!

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