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September 05, 2005

yarn cakes

cherry wood swift, a must for all serious knitters!

i'm slowly knitting again, after a week of absolutely no knitting and very limited blogging. i am probably not going to get carpal tunnel, so, that will be a good thing.

i have been doing a bit of running and had gone to the gym, you can read my updates here. since i started knitting like mad this past year, a few aspects of my life have been conveniently neglected, that, i conclude, is not a good thing. so, i am hoping to lead a more balanced lifestyle from now and that means knitting, running, reading and let's not forget maintaining a clean home enviroment (ie, no delay on houseworks).

so, the best way to slowly introduce knitting into my routine is to make some yarn cakes. and that was what i did this weekend. in addition to finishing off the sockapal-2-za socks in time to mail them off.

are you tired of looking at yarn cakes??

before and after (this is for you, nikkishell!)

i saw diana, shobhana and stephanie (those marvellous knitters) all went and got themselves a set of ball winder and swift. and i knew i had to get them. oh! i can not love my mama bear more! the wooden swift is absolutely gorgeous, it holds the skein nicely while the ball winder does its job. instead of useless skeins, i now have stacks of yarn cakes in my stash.

a peek into my stash (mac and francoise, some of those are from you!)

equally beautiful from another angel (when in the world did i accumulate so many yarns?)


I really do like those yarn cakes, they look... yummy...When do you plan to eat, sorry I mean knit them?

hmmm...yarn cakes...yummy! They all look so good. Isn't having a swift great!

your cakes look delicious! isn't it so much fun playing with a ball-winder and swift? those little cakes are so satisfying. one day i'll buy one for myself.

Yarn cakes! Tee hee! I'm glad you took the plunge and got the swift and winder. I will never forget getting my swift and yarn winder. I was so happy I couldn't stand it. The only problem was that the cats thought it was a new toy!

Lovely colourful yarn cakes. I totally identify with your thots about the balanced life. That was the main reason I deleted my blog, of course it was rather drastic :) But I did the same, hardly knitted for a couple of weeks and I'm slowly getting back to a little knitting.

Did you get the swift off of eBay? It looks like the one I've been looking at. Yarn cakes are about equal to food cakes at this point in my life.

I just love the way they look freshly caked ;) you have some lovely yarns!

Yay for the mama bear! Isn't it wonderful? And so easy to store. Your yarn cakes are fabulous and oh so organized. I agree, a balanced life it good, but sometimes a real pain!

Oh my, that is a lot of yarn! But so pretty!

Mmmm. It's like candy. Must have candy.

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