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October 02, 2005

from wyoming to london...

backyard leaves from scarf style
looks like the SYNO knitalong is coming to an end for me as i have received a beautifully made scarf by stephanie this past friday.

backyard leaves scarf is a lovely pattern, cascades of leaf motifs run along the whole scarf. i especially love the edges which resemble the shape of a leaf. the scarf is knitted in two halves and then seamed together afterwards. stephanie did a wonderful job, as you can see, the stitches are all even and nice. thank you, stephanie... i will be thinking of you whenever i have this scarf around my neck!!

turtleneck shrug

knit project: scarf style - turtleneck shrug
difficulty (1-5): 2.0
size: one size
yarn: rowan's kid classic in bear (817)
knitting specs: US 7 dpn

and, i have finished anna's turtleneck shrug this weekend! i think anna would appreciate having this shrug/scarf to wear for the upcoming winter in london.

the shrug is incredibly warm, and the kid classic is a wonderful yarn choice for this project. actually, i was going to try on the shrug and take a picture of me modeling it, but i decided not to in the end as i would not want to skew anna's thought on her shrug. anna is tall, slender with long neck and long arms, she would be able to carry this high fashion item off with much more grace and elegance. me? i was afraid i may look too much like a neckless turtle. so, let's stay tuned for anna's glamour model shots in a couple weeks when this little package travels across the atlantic to its beautiful wearer's hands.

i have also included something to remind this lovely london lady that the scarf is made in the states (southern US to be exact). hopefully she will love that as well. could it be grits, you ask? well, we shall see!

UPDATE: oops... i forgot to thank kris and jac for such great knitalong, sorry; and yes, i can be so ungrateful sometimes that it bothers me. anyway, THANK YOU, ladies. i had fun!!


wow! two beautiful scarves! i really hope i will get around to making backyard leaves this winter; i have had the yarn for it in my stash for ages. the turtleneck shrug is gorgeous - anna will love it.

Both scarves are very beautiful. Makes me want to knit one for myself!

Those are two beautiful scarves. Well done Ladies!

Those scarves are fantastic. Back yard leaves looks wonderful in that color.

I couldn't agree more, the scarves look wonderful!

How can you make a scarf look so sexy? I think you're a great model yourself too.

wow! you are too much...not only do you pick out a perfect colour and style for yourself...but anna's scarf it divine. and the packaging! you are just too gorgeous.

Oooh, it looks great on you! I think you're very fashionable and I'm so very glad you like it. I was worried, you know. :-) Your turtleneck shrug looks great and I'm sure Anna will love it.

Fabulous scarves! Your SYNO scarf looks great on you...and I am sure your pal will love her shrug. Love your socks you got, still waiting for mine!

The scarf looks great! SYNO is such a lovely idea. And those socks are amazing - I'm off to find out where that pattern came from now!Irisx

you must help me to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing how beautiful that leaf scarf is. wow.

I can't wait to try my shrug! I so enjoyed knitting the backyard leaves scarf, it's a wonderful pattern.

The scarf is great in the colour you've chosen and you wear it so well. You've got style, dear.

You got a great scarf there!*Love it* *Want one*And I can't wait to see Anna wearing that turtleneck shrug!

Your shrug looks lovely, and the Backyard Leaves scarf looks wonderful on you!!Now I am curious about where in the south you live!?! I'm a Georgia girl living in New Jersey, loving my grits and still laughing when people think "sweet tea" means Snapple.

I've been jealously eyeing the SYNO knit along on several blogs -- it looks like everyone had a lot of fun with this one. I love what you gave AND what you received!

Even though I did not participate in this swap, I have so enjoyed seeing the items that everyone knit up. Steph did a beautiful job on yours, and Anna will definitely love the shrug, and the cute packaging :)casting on for klaralund yet? it is surprisingly fast to knit! in one sitting, I got about 5 inches--and I added waist shaping too.Have a good weekend, Blossom :)

Gorgeous scarf! I love your pal2za socks too - and that vintage pattern book - you lucky girl!!

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