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October 01, 2005

sockapal-2-za socks

sockapal-2-za socks from kathy
this pair of gorgeous socks is one of the many things i got this week. wow!! these socks are so beautiful, not to mention they fit perfectly! kathy is my sockpal and she did an incredible job!

these socks are not your typical toe-up or top-down socks; they are constructed sideways. thus, the vertical lines of stitches give the variegated colors an interesting presentation. i also love how the heels and toes are knitted. i did not expect such unique pair of socks and the yarn, cherry tree hill, feels wonderful against my feet! thank you so much, kathy!! i love my socks and i will be wearing them a lot this winter for sure!

heel and toe of a sideway sock!
kathy not only just gave me a pair of socks, she also dig through her grandmother's old knitting stash and found a vintage pattern book and gave it to me! i am totally flattered with this kind gesture. she knows i love vintage fashion! and i do!! look at those pictures! not just the knits, but the hair, make-up... they were totally genuine 1960's high fashion! i think the blue lace cardi may be a cute item to knit. hmmm... decisions, decisions!
spinnery pattern book, year 1963


Hey, I have that old book! Some of the men's pictures are priceless.Nice socks!

I'm really interested in those sideways socks! I wonder where your pally got the pattern, or if she's so magical that she just made it up herself. Anyway, they're beautiful! I think the vintage sweaters are pretty! But if you make that light blue one, you have to wear the same hairstyle and makeup as the model. M'kay?

OMG! I think the greenish yellow vintage cardi is gorgeous! You are soooo lucky!

Lucky you! Those socks are indeed gorgeous, and the two vintage patterns are an excellent addition to your library! (even if they're just for looking)

So glad you liked everything! I had so much fun knitting up the socks, especially since they had such a different construction. Mostly I'm glad they fit well - it was one of my biggest worries since you can't change the length at all once you cast on in this pattern. I knew you liked vintage patterns so I figured the book might be fun :-)

You lucky girl! Those socks are really lovely and those patterns are brilliant, I do like this green cardi.

lucky girl.. that's one unique pair of socks. love the colors.

I love vintage patterns too. Those are really special socks.

i love vintage patterns and these two are fantastic! i'm particularly besotted with the green/yellow one. what a great gift!

Fab socks! I quite like the blue cardi, i think you should make it.

What perfect socks! They do look so unique and comfortable :) I love all your Noro down below as well. Its so hard going to the store and helping people with Noro.. it tempts me everytime!

The socks are pretty! What great colors.

The socks are gorgeous and very textural. I love the teeth on both ladies in the books - so white and false :)

Love those colors on the socks. And the Noro u got is simply lovely.

Oh, those socks are lovely! I think they were worth the wait :) Beautiful colors and such a unique design.I love the vintage fashions too--those knits are so cute!

I LOVE those socks. What an interesting way to knit them. I want to try.

Those socks are totally intriguing me!

Those socks look DIVINE! I havne't heard of sideways construction before- really interesting construction (the architect in me gets very excited about such things...)

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