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October 11, 2005

two years

wedding bw 4.jpg

we had the loveliest wedding two years ago today. that was a perfect day. a typical crisp autumn with red and orange foliage as backdrop, a rustic cottage on top of the mountain. a warm southern town in america. it was a dream of many little girls but it was real for me and my husband.

we invited only a small group of intimate friends and family to share this day with us. we know each of them personally and we know that this day would give them a sweet memory as it would to us. my kind of wedding.

weddings and marriages have taken on a different level of meanings and definitions in today's world. however, i still believe in loving one person for the rest of my life and hold on to the old-fashioned kind of love. marriage is sweet, i have no regrets, only ineffable bliss.

i love my husband.


Happy Anniversary! What you wrote was so sweet :-)

What a wonderful tribute to your special day! Contratulatons and may you have 80 years more together;-)

Congratulations! What a beautiful passage you wrote on your marriage...happy anniversary!

Congratulations! Here's to many more years of undying love. =)

Happy anniversay. Sounds like we did things the same - small and intimate and meaningful - two years for us in a month. I love the picture and your thoughts. I hope you have a great day.

Congratulations. Your wedding picture is quite beautiful.

Happy Anniversary to you both!

happy anniversary! here's to love!

awww, very sweet! Happy anniversary!

Congratulations!!! I wish you many more happy anniversaries and beautiful memories!

Lovely photo and remembrances! Small weddings in meaningful places are the best. :-)

Aw, what a happy and blissful post. Makes me smile for you both. Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! I agree with you even if my hubby drives me insane sometimes ;-)Beautiful photograph.

Aw, what a sweet post. Happy Anniversary and may you have many, many more together!

what a sweet wife you are. happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!Very sweet & I'm really moved by what you wrote!Hope U have wonderful day!!!

happy anniversary

Happy anniversary. That picture is gorgeous.

A very happy anniversary to you! It's wonderful to know that true and committed love still exists and is valued in this world. May you remain blissful with your husband for many more years to come!

Happy anniversary! Here's to old fashioned love and marriage!

Happy Anniversary to you, Blossom!

Happy Aniversary! That's so endearing.

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photo is beautiful and what lovely writing on your marriage :-)

happy anniversary - wishing you many more years of happiness

a very happy anniversary to both of you

What a lovely setting and lovely sentiments. Did you give a cotton gift? Happy number two!

Happy anniversary to the two of you! :)

What a beautiful picture, beautiful couple, beautiful post! I wish you both a very happy anniversary!

Happy (belated) anniversary! Beautiful picture and wonderful post :)

Hi Bloss, Marriage is bliss! Really happy for you, and that you and Greg are such a lovely couple. You two really look great together. Happy 2nd Anniversary! You really set a good example for many married couples! :o)

Happy (belated) anniversary! I love your picture and what you wrote.

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful picture!

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

That's a beautiful picture, and such a lovely idea. I think small weddings with only your favorite people are the best kind.

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