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October 19, 2005

who should go first?

before i show you more knits in progress which would possibly be in the next post, it recently came to my attention that what i had planned to knit this winter was quite different from what actually was being made. roxie, for example, is something i really love to make; i have the pattern but i do not have the yarn. rowan's chunky print is what the pattern calls for. that polar bear-ish yarn is like $12.95 each and i would need, like, eight of those mini polar bears to complete one roxie. this is a bit pricey for my taste at this moment. so, this project got shoved aside, along with nan as it requires some super expensive rowan yarns as well.

however, i am sticking with highgate though. it is my next sweater project. ok, maybe not quite the next... because i'm about to show you what i bought on ebay last week:

yes, it is that blue!

oh that beautiful cobalt blue tweed. color so rich it feels like being wrapped around the aegean sea in a starless night. how i love this blue. this yarn would make this norah gaughan's tweedy aran cardigan a treasure item for many years to come, don't you think?

tweedy aran cardigan (IK winter 01/02)

i have been eyeing this cardi ever since eilene had mentioned it on her blog. i had secretly tracked down a copy on ebay and had been searching for the perfect yarn. alas, finally the moment to knit is here. how can i possibly wait any longer?

the toss between highgate and my cobalt blue cardi (yes, that's how i'm calling it) is a tough one, but knowing that i will eventually knit them is somewhat comforting to me (and possibly you, my readers). but you know, it is really never that easy in my world.

my better pal thinks i'm not spoiled enough so she sent me a skein of zephyr wool-silk in my favorite palette last week. of course, along with some other goodies that i am secretly in love with. zephyr wool is, as the name suggested, an equal blend of silk and wool. but, what makes this special is the silk is not your everyday silk from the silk worm farm. it is the tussah silk from china! wow. you think those silk worms were transported along the silk road from persian to china? hmmm....

one skein of jagger zephyr in mushroom, a bag from sheperd bush and a lovely bar of soap!

so the mushroom colored silk wool yarn is beautiful. but wouldn't it be more beautiful if it becomes a shawl? a scarf? a river by sharon miller? yoohoo! jody, sign me up! i need me a zephyr wool/silk river, and hopefully it will turn out half as pretty as diana's.

and yes, you have counted them right: three potential projects fighting the spot for the next in line. knit them all, i say. all at the same time (are you crazy, woman?).


hi! i've been reading your blog for awhile and I have the yarn to make highgate too but I don't know what pattern book it is in. Do you have that info?

yay river! i LOVE jaggerspun zephyr. and how funny -- i got some this weekend from my BP too!as for tweedy aran -- i think that rowanspun aran will look gorgeous!

Go for the Cobalt Blue Cardi!Love your blog :)

So many great options for you to knit next! All three would certainly fun for us readers.

I say go with the new yarn! why not, just knit whichever sweater/yarn is calling you right now. That River is going to be gorgeous!!

Oh, I'm highly biased towards the Rowanspun. I knit a cardi in chunky and it felt so good to knit up and is one of my favorite pieces. But go with your instinct!

I love hearing about new projects about to hit the needles... I am a bad influence and would say: yes go for all three at the same time! That means lots of pictures and fun for us...

Never mind the earlier list, go with the flow, knit what you want when you want. I got some zephyr too but I didn't know it's Tussah silk. This mushroom colour is lovely.

Zephyr is a lovely yarn, I'm using it for a shawl right now. I can't wait to see more photos of your klaralund. I read your post about it yesterday, and today, I went and bought some silk garden. I'm casting on tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

That cobalt blue yarn is really pretty and will be perfect for the cardi! I say knit all 3 at once. =)

Oh my gosh, I love that cardi too! I want more details... I must have that now too!!! Look what you did.. another project on the list?! I already have 15 or so :)I am sure you will make a gorgeous one in that blue color :)

That cardigan is great! I can't wait to watch you knit it.

I would start all three at once so you always have something to keep your mind on. What is a "better pal"?

Go for the cardi! I think it would look lovely in that beautiful blue. I admit this is for perfectly selfish reasons...I really want to see how it turns out!

1. You write beautifully! You are very creative in your writing.2. I can not wait to see the progress of your Cobalt Blue cardi. That blue yarn is unbelievable! Thanks for mentioning me. :-)

Cobalt Blue Cardi first (just because I can't wait to see it). There's lots of of time, well maybe not, but you'll get to those other projects eventually. :-)

the cobalt blue cardi... i need to see more of that yarn! beautiful.

Ooooo... I'm voting for the Cobalt Blue as well - that yarn is gorgeous!!

I LOVE the Aran Cardigan - where did you find the pattern???? that blue is just perfect for it!