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November 30, 2005

a shrug in red

fiery bolero, elspeth and iris, which will be in calmer's red?

UPDATE: amilia has spoken, she wants iris from rowan35! great choice, i must say.

amilia, my dearest friend who is getting married next fall, will be getting one of these handknit shrugs from me. she will be picking one of these patterns and i will make them with rowan's calmer in red (the audrey red). though a stash busting knit, but they are nonetheless luxurious cotton yarns for the bride to be. USA

shrugs/boleros are great for a fashion-conscious lady who lives in the forever tropical island that is singapore. but any of them would look great with a tube top, a basic cami, or even a cute sundress.

my suggestions? i really love all of them. but i am a bit partial to iris. i'll probably make it with 3/4 sleeves and instead of using a shoe string (like what rowan model is using), i would close it with a hook & eye. in addition, a lovely brioche to match the outfit. the simplicity of this design is sophisticated for an urban girl like yourself.

elspeth may be lovely, too, you say. indeed it is lovely. i can see you wearing it while visiting santosa, bali or fiji island with a white linen dress. it has a romantic flair to it, you should love that.

but that fiery bolero. hmmm.... with this flaming red color, you can easily paired it with a pair of cropped jeans, kitten-heeled sandals and your cute LV cherry bag (yes, i know you at least have one). you will get noticed while shopping at your favorite boutiques.

i'm not helping, am i? you see, i took out the colors from those pictures so your decisions will not be biased by the models. so amilia, i know it is a tough choice but you will have to make it. readers, do you want to help?


I am partial to the fiery bolero, but that's only because I knit one myself (using flaming red cathay, just like in the magazine. Boring, I know). But I also like Iris. (By the way, I love reading your blog but have never commented before. You knit such beautiful things!)

choose iris - i made it a while ago and it always draws compliments.

Where is Iris? I really like the pattern and don't recall seeing it anywhere. Have I missed it? They're all so lovely and you just can't go wrong in red!

I like Iris the best, too! I never thought of knitting this til I saw Kat's.

My vote is for Iris. It is such a nice bolero.

Given the yarn, my eyes immediately went over to Iris. The pattern is simple so the fiery color can really stand out and get noticed. It would be gorgeous with a sarong type skirt, providing just a hint of warmth without overwhelming in such a tropical climate.

Blossom, I love the way you think and write - kitten heels and cropped jeans, mmmm!I vote for the fiery bolero - I love that 40's structured look it has around the shoulders. Maybe with a bit of pretty, unfussy lace trim instead of ribbing?

Hi Bloss, I love boleros/ponchos/shrugs. How did you know that? I have quite a few boleros... I like the Iris (with 3/4 sleeves) or the Elspeth...But I think I'll still go for the Iris :o) I love the red colour too... I'm sure it's gonna look great! Thank you my dear friend!

I think Iris is the prettiest of them all. It'll look really nice in that red. What a great friend you are.

whoa, this is a tough choice, though Iris looks great I have to agree with Eunny and vote on the Fiery Bolero. Even the name is telling you to pick it!

I really like Iris (3/4 sleeves) and this has been on my To-Do list for a while. But I like Elspeth too although I've read some sizing probs with this knit. As for the Fiery Bolero, the dolman-like sleeves may proove to be uncomfortable for tropical weather. Oh and Calmer red, mmmm... so gorgeous!

This is such fun for me since I'm from S'pore too and I would like to see which one you'll end up knitting. Plus, I loved reading your what-to-wear-with-it guide. You're my style guru :) My vote is for Iris.

Oooh, they are all so pretty!! I vote for Iris! But I'm probably partial because I tried knitting the Fiery Bolero and I didn't like picking up a gazillion stitches for the border. But any one of the ones you have chosen will make a very special gift!

I'd vote for 'Iris' (and not because that's my name!). It might be that I had never seen this pattern before, so it has the whole 'oooh, a new pattern' - thing going for it, but I really like the simplicity of it. I never liked Elspeth as much as everyone else seems to (too fussy for my taste) and although I love the Firy Bolero, I think I still prefer Iris...

Love the b/w pictures against this gorgeous red...My number one choice is Fiery bolero, followed closely by Iris to leave Elspeth as last (never been too fond of it and reading other blogs, Calmer doesn't seem to be the right yarn choice for it).

I really like the Fiery Bolero. My friend made one, and it looks great with everything - dresses and casual. All are so pretty!

Another Singapore girl voicing her preferences. =P Of the 3, I like Iris the best. However, elspeth might be more unique cos of the design. I like the simple fiery bolero too but I think that shrug design can be easily found in any clothing store.

Yeah - glad you picked that one. It is totally my fav.

I think you both made a great choice! (And I heard Elspeth was a real PITA, anyway.):)

Weirdly enough, I just got my hands on some Rowan Calmer, too. It's the color Chiffon...I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. But it will be the Rowan Air cardigan.

I know I'm getting to this discussion late, but I wanted to warn you against Elspeth. I made it and ripped it apart - and remade it as the fiery bolero. (There are notes on both projects on my blog). I love Iris - I'd go with that one - but I can also recommend the fiery bolero. An easy, enjoyable knit, and I wear the thing all the time.

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