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November 21, 2005


ruffles from scarf style

knit project: scarf style - ruffles
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: 86 inches long
yarn: ac moore's fantasy yarn, 100% alpaca in cream, 3 balls
knitting specs: US 6 dpn

i do not own a lot of accessories in my wardrobe, but every now and then, i do love wearing some interesting pieces that would complement my outfit. ruffles play such an essential role in this season's vintage theme, and luckily, after more than six months, i have completed this scarf just in time.

cream, my favorite color, is both classic and versatile. the muted palette really gives an unspeakable warmness when worn with rich gold tones. 100% alpaca yarn is used for my ruffles and i just love the softness of this fiber. though blocking is probably not necessary but i steamed it lightly to smooth out the short rows and to open up the curling edges a little.

this was not the most interesting project, turning the scarf back and forth was time consuming and slow in progress. however, this was a perfect mindless project and quite forgiving when an error was made. i probably have done a couple short row turns incorrectly but as you can see, the scarf turned out just perfectly.

love the scarf. and i may start to accessorize more. ruby red earings, crystal drop pendants, here i come!

wrap it once, wrap it twice, it is nothing but full of ruffles!


You've done it again, this scarf looks so good on you, with that outfit. Bring on the accessories! Suddenly I feel that I need a cream ruffley scarf :)

Blossom, the scarf is gorgeous on you!!!! Yay, now you have a beautiful scarf for the winter!

What beautiful pictures of you!!! I love that scarf.

beautiful work! very gorgeous camisole too. bring on the dangling earings...

Very cute! Nice and feminine, too.

i love this post. the scarf looks beautiful...and you look great in it.

You're right, a cream alpaca ruffle scarf is just exactly what you needed! It's so beautiful on you.

Great pictures! Beautiful ruffles, that color will go with everything!

looks great, especially with that outfit! go for the earring and pendant to complete the ensemble

That's a cute scarf, and I like your silky camisole.

That first pic is beautiful! Love the scarf.

I like the scarf and the top too... Nice!

Oops! Missed out the one on accessories! I think this will look really good with a long crystal drop necklace, if not just a long chandelier like earrings in yellow or brown...

It looks lovely! I might be inspired to knit one myself after seeing how pretty yours looks. :)

gorgeous ruffles version! i admire anyone who's managed to finish this scarf - i got so sick of it i cast off after just one meter...

Great FO Blossom. I don't think I would have the patience to knit all those rows, but yours paid off in the end. It's beautiful.

gorgeous scarf blossom. i love how it looks. i have heard so many people complain about how boring it is that i haven't bothered to try making it for myself....hmmm maybe next winter!

It's beautiful, kaunis! I love the photos too, you look gorgeous. :-)

Beautiful. Makes me want one!

Yeah, it really looks great on you. It's going to be the perfect winter accessory.

Absolutely beautiful! Fab photos too :)

The most lovely ruffles I've seen in a long time! It looks so beautiful together with that top -you look absolutely gorgeous and the photographer did an excellent job!

Very lovely and very classic. Beautiful work, Blossom!I worked on Klaralund last night, and I thought of you--you finished yours so quickly! Take care~

It looks very classy especially with your outfit! Beautiful!

Fabulous. I want one of those scarves - in red I think - and after seeing yours I really, really need to add it to my list. And once again, great pictures.

You are so right about cream. It's a fabulous color and the scarf looks great with that champagne camisole. Nice work!

The whole ensemble is just lovely!

It's beautiful and elegant, just like you.

Its soooo pretty! Nice job on ruffles. This scarf works great as an accessory. Now I am inspired to knit one too..

lovely. Now i should finish mine.......beth (big geek)

oh how beautiful! You look absolutely amazing in those pictures. Cream is one of my favorites as well, which is why mine is in cream too :) Though, i guess its going to be gifted in the end. Anyways, nice job as always :)

It looks so decadent with the satin and lace. Well done!

hi,It's so gorgeous!! And it matches with your satin cami so well. Great work!!

i love it! i may have to add ruffles to my life also. ;)

Wow, the scarf is great and these photos are so artistic and beautiful! Add this scarf on to my to-do knitting list!!

That scarf is gorgeous with that cami! Beautiful styling, Blossom.

It looks just wonderful! And I'll bet that Alpaca is sooooo soft!

hi, i live in brazil and i just loved this ruffled scarf, here in brasil it´s very difficult to find nice patterns that´s why i keep looking for nice patterns through the net, i just subscribed to your blog at blogines and i´ll keep searching for beautiful things
anyway, where i can find the pattern of this wondeful scarf?? and i must tell you that y are a wonderful knitter!!!!!!!!!!!congratulations

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