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November 27, 2005

graffiti costagna...

my love for scarves continue..., this one is called scarf costagna!

knit project: mistake rib scarf
difficulty (1-5): 1.0
size: long (15 stitches, 2 full skeins)
yarn: colinette's graffiti in costagna
knitting specs: US 11

... is the name of this yarn, how cool is that?

francoise swapped these for some american goods with me a while back, i knew then they will become a cozy scarf for my neck. and of course, november is all about accessories at whispering pine.

the official description of this color is too perfect so i'm just going to recite them here:

"costagna, hot punch and the perfume of pine smoke. wrap up in the cosy comfort and warmth of these toasted chestnut colours."

this scarf is all about the yarn. so, i used mistake rib pattern to give it just enough ribbing and roughness as i want it to be bohemic. to complete the look, i added those long, long fringes.


Yarn that beautiful needs to be the star-- I love the simple rib. It is a great scarf, Blossom! Does it really get that cold in Alabama though? :) Hope you are well~

What a great scarf! The colours are amazing!

What a cool scarf!! I love the official description of the color, too. I seem to be all about accessories this month too!

Very cool scarf! You picked the perfect stitch to show off that yarn.

Gorgeous! It looks incredibly snuggly and cozy! I have to resist the temptation to burrow into it. ;-)

That scarf looks so soft and luscious, yet urban and cool. Very nice!

great scarf! it really looks like something you can snuggle right into. love it!

Love it! It looks very warm.

It definitely will be warm, and cozy, and funky!

Great scarf! I love the way the mistake rib looks. I love big thick scarves like that - I hope you get to wear it lots this winter!

I'm glad someone else loves scarves the way I do. I made 8 scarves last winter and haven't had a chance yet so make a couple this year.

Wow, Blossom, you certainly did this yarn great justice. Love your scarf and may you wear lots of times...

oh geez. now i have another project.that yarn is fantastic!!

Another beautiful project from you! The yarn is wonderful and it looks like it was a fun, quick knit!

Its super pretty.. definitely has a bohemian look. and looks warm too!

that does look so cozy! gotta love the description too.. who wouldn't love that yarn! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Perfect! Makes me really wish we hadn't been struck with a weird warm front... it's 60 degrees today!!

I like the colors on your new cute accessory.

so yummy! love it! hell, i don't even like fringe most of the time, and now you've made me desperate for a fringed scarf...

I love the yarn color. Looks fab on you. I like how your ruffle scarf looks too. ^_^By the way, my sis is here with all the goodies. Hehe.

I Love the Bohemic look as well. The scarf is wonderful.

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