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November 09, 2005

knitting companions

thank you, my dear readers, for loving my klaralund and socks. i so enjoy interacting with each of you and please know that you are a major part of my knitting and this journal. knitting is a somewhat solitary activity but knowing the existence of many passionate knitters alike is comforting to me.

i do try to incorporate other interests of mine into knitting and i am sure many of you do the same. the stitch and bitch groups, the knit nights, movies, books (this one is a bit difficult to me) and music. etc, etc. i am not a public knitter, not because of lack of interests but opportunities. i do not have a group of knitter friends here and i adore the comfort of my house and the company of my cats/husband. i like to knit at home. and because of that, my favorite knitting companion is movies.

perhaps that is yours, too; watching a good movie while you knit mindlessly. this entry, i would share some of my favorite movies and i would be happy to hear what yours are. it is very possible that we do share similar interests in movies.

number one favorite motion picture is not a movie but a bbc mini-series: pride and prejudice. i only had the chance to watch that recently, after hearing about this series for so long. can you love colin firth more? period drama is one of my favorites. the eloquent speech, vintage outfit and the limb-binding etiquettes... all are so fascinating to me. bonus part: it is a five hour mini-series, a lot of knitting can be accomplished.

i always love well made chinese films. if you also dig these sort of things, i think you may find films by yimou zhang ("hero", "house of flying dagger") and karwar wong ("in the mood for love", "2046") irresistible. it may seem like i am promoting my own culture, perhaps, but they are indeed great movies and i suggest you watch them with english subtitles and listening to chinese to get the full flavor.

there are more, but i may need to share them gradually with you. once a month, i am thinking.

i have casted on for both highgate and cobalt blue cardi. pictures as proof. i decided to cast on the cardi with the fancy tubular but they do not photograph well. tubular cast on gives the whole garment a little more depth and such quality sits really well with this over-cabled design. highgate has a variegated pink in the most subtle way. it is pretty and i am starting off with the sleeves as i need time to warm up to the cables.

the beginning of my two sweater projects this winter: cobalt blue cardi and highgate


Highgate is a beautiful sweater, it'll look great on you for sure.

That is such a beautiful yarn for Highgate! My favorite movie for solitary knitting is Little Women (with Winona Ryder) because it not only reminds me of hanging out with my sisters, but there are lots of knitted items and even some knitting scenes in the film.

Mini or tv-series I think are the best way to go. I often get a chance to knit to movies or shows. But what would be a fun exercise is to start a project and a season of a tv-series to see how many episodes (or seasons) it takes you to finish that project.

I like the colours of Highgate. It's so beautiful! Can't wait to see the end product! It's always good to watch movies and mini-series when doing stuff like that. That's what I do when I make my jewellery too :o) Good way to catch up on shows!

Oh, I love Zhang Yimou! He's an artiste!

I just watched House of Flying Daggers and I love it ... but I think I definitely love Hero a lot more ... even though Takeshi is my favourite actor. Having watched 2046 yet but In the Mood for Love was a disappointment to me. Somehow I love Wong's earlier movies more ... Chungking Express, Fallen Angels and Happy Together are my all time favourites.Thanks for sharing!

I do like In the Mood for Love, cuz there's Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.I will also recommend Everlasting Regret. =)

Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite knitting movie/series. However, for Asian culture, I'm a sad addict of Korean soaps. They are my second favorite companion for knitting.

Lovely colours on both your new projects. My current movie watching are the likes of Madgascar and The Incredibles - courtesy of my kids.

Can I love Colin Firth more? I don't think so! :) P&P; is one of my favorite movies!

Love the yarn colours!

I would love to watch an old black & white movie with coffee and knitting by my side, preferably on a rainy Sunday afternoon... Bliss! But the chance of that happening are pretty remote as the screen is very much monopolised by husband and children... Sigh!!!

O yes, I do that too. I have to watch/listen to a movie when i knit. I love those movies you mentioned, however, they're not really good knitting movies for me, since I have to keep an eye on my knitting like, all the time, so I can't look up to read the subtitles so often. So knitting-movies are mostly in english (or swedish) with me. I pick movie depending on my mood and what I'm knitting. However, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings trilogy are frequent visitors in my dvd-player. They seem to get me into a crafty mood. The Shipping News is good when knitting "traditional" things, like fishermans' sweaters. Or when I'm knitting vintage-looking things, it's often Gosford Park or other 30's -50's period films I want as knitting companion. Yeah, I know, I probably need my head examined...

Forgot to mention, sometimes I do listen to audiobooks when knitting. A good way to combine two of my favourite hobbies...

What a good idea starting with the sleeves. I just might do that myself! Get them out of the way. Looking forward to your progress. I can't start mine yet but man do I want to!

I can't really watch movies and knit as well cos I can't knit by touch yet. However I enjoy listening to music while knitting.I will have to check out Pride and Prejudice. Hopefully they have that on Netflix.

ah, mr. darcy! drooooool....

I like to watch movies while knitting too. A couple days ago I started a pair of socks while watching the movie 'A Very Long Engagment' on DVD. Then, when I knitted the socks later, they reminded me of the movie! I am going to check out this Pride and Prejudice series too.. it sounds good.

I love love love Wong Kar Wai movies! But I do find that I just keep watching old Harry Potter movies over and over. You'll love knitting Highgate! It's a wonderful sweater!!!

Ohhhhhh, Mr. Darcy. Sigh. You've probably seen these others, but if you haven't, you might love: Remains of the Day, Sense and Sensibility, A Room with a View, and Persuasion.

Ah yes P&P.; I bought that series some time ago and have lent it out to everyone - girls and boys alike. Ha. Some other great series to watch while knitting are The Aristocrats and Daniel Deronda (both from Masterpiece Theatre) and Shakespeare in Love. Anything English for me, basically.

What a great entry - and I now know I have got to go watch P&P;! I do love to knit to both movies and TV - lately I've been watching Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... I know... it's a bit the other direction from P&P...; but, well, I must admit, I am a Buffy junkie. (There. I said it.)

I love foreign films. Lately I've been on a Lars Von Trier kick. I'd recommend 'Celebration' or 'Breaking the Waves.' I can't read subtitles and patterns at the same time, so I save any complicated knitting for the news or my favourite addiction, home reno shows. Re your previous post. My husband has size 14 feet and it took me some practice to learn to size him properly.

Your knitting looks fabulous - a little too complicated for a beginner like me, but your work is gorgeous!

Well well well. . . It is so nice to see that there is someone in the knitting world that appreciates, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for the work of art that it is! Bravo. Coincidentally, I was just on the subject the other day, when I was TRICKED into a yarn shop by my trusted wife...Upon noticing the rather large gauge wooden knitting needles being sold (AKA vampire stakes), I suggested that knitting was a cover story for a bunch of sexy vampire slayers running about...Somehow, the comment didn't go over as well as I would have liked... Too close to the truth perhaps? Or could it be because I was the only male in the shop? Tricked I was! "Crafty" describes more than just her knitting...

Now I must really go hunt for the P&P; series, I love Colin Firth! I normally watch DVDs whilst knitting. Lately, there's been a lot of Shrek (1 & 2). I can't wait to see more progress on Highgate, it's a beautiful sweater!

I love knitting and watching movies too... even if I am not fully watching. Last night I knit a bulky scarf all during a two hour movie :) Highgate is going to be wonderful on you!

This is a little slice of heaven for me: knitting away and watching a good film! Unfortunately I have not had the time to do either lately, but I sure look forward to it over winter break! I can even watch subtitles while knitting ;)

I love Zhang Yimou, too - Red Sorghum is still one of my favorite movie of all time.I don't watch films while knitting, though. I like to be completely involved in my cinematic experience. I do, however, watch political shows and reruns of The Simpsons while stitching.

I escaped from mile-high work this weekend and saw the new P&P; movie with my niece, also a die-hard fan. Have you seen it yet? I was nervous about it, but it definitely won me over. We're such P&P; nerds that we discussed later the slight dialogue changes, etc. Now there will be a good, shorter version to watch when the mood strikes!