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November 07, 2005

love for handknit socks

non-matching opal stripes, evidence of true handknit socks
how troubling can it be when making socks for someone you love? quite, i tell you. my husband has grown to appreciate handknit items and when i offered to knit him a pair of socks, he said "oh good!!" and had probably forgot about it and only seldom asked about the progress.

not until the first sock was completed, he tried it on had i realized that making socks can be quite a laborious and patient deflating journey. so he put on the sock, wiggled his toes, he said "hmm... a little tight! can you make it a bit longer, and also, can this toe part be a little wider? i like my toes have rooms to move."

ok, all those modifications can be done. but i was so relieved to have finish one sock and knowing that i had to re-knit the toes was not the most pleasing things to my ear. but i knew that had to be done as what is the point of making a pair of socks if the person is not going to wear them.

the sock making was not the fastest nor the most enjoyable as i was not sure if i would be knitting socks on a regular basis so i just bought some cheap inox US1 needles to start with. these needles are not ideal for sock making, the cable joints are nothing but rough. i thought i could ignored this and kept going, which i did, but the knitting was really not fun.

so this past week, i slaved through the socks, after four (yes, four) modifications on the toes, the socks are done, done and done.

i was so relieved, now i can rest. the best though, a brownie point for listening as here are some words from the recipient (aka husband):

no, they are my husband's feet. not daffy's


after much anticipation, i finally received my 100% completely tailor made...foot gloves! i love them! they fit wonderfully! i don't want to take them off! i can't wait to wear them out where they can be noticed and made the subject of conversation. i really didn't realize how poorly other socks fit until i put these on. Hmmmm....i may have to ask for more."

do i hear "harry potter" socks?


Ha! They look great...love the duck. I too have duck feet...it takes longer to knit for those of us with duck feet!

The juxtaposition of Daffy with the sock photo is delightfully evil. The socks look great, and with an appreciative testimonial like the one your husband gave you, I bet all the modifications were worth it.

Nice picture with Daffy! I hear you on the horrible Inox 1s. I'm using them for my Orchid socks and the join is awful. If you hear of another manufacturer that makes 2.25mm circs with a better join, let me know and I'll do the same for you.

Great socks and the main thing is the feet are happy with them...

What the heck size are those!? They are beautifully done.

Hehe, love the duck! Good thing you persevered and now you have a very appreciative recipient!

awww that's so great! he knows exactly what to say to make a bad situation good. so when is pair number 2 being knit?

That's so sweet of him. Now you're going to be a busy sock knitting machine :)

That last picture is too funny with Daffy Duck! ;) I think you need to join Socktoberfest next year! These socks look grand!

So sweet! My husband calls his socks "foot sweaters". I think you did a great job, and so patient too, modifying them for him!

I love them! They're just so cute.I can relate to your thoughts about knitting for others--I hate seeing Chris buy hats because I know I can make them, but I've made him about five so far and none of them are exactly what he wanted, and they all sit on the top shelf of the closet. The only one he wears is the first hat I ever made, which has hideous seams running down the back, and is developing holes! I feel like I need to keep knitting him hats though, because I should eventually get "the perfect Chris hat" down pat, and I really do hate him buying something I can make...you know?Tere :)

Aw, so glad that he likes the socks! There is nothing better than an appreciated handknit. and now you'll know all his preferences for the next pair :-)

The socks look great!!

I so glad your husband loves his "foot gloves". You must feel like all you effort and thought was well worth it!

I love them! And I agree - not that you know what he likes in socks, the next pair will be a lot easier!

Happy husband feet! Yay! Say, I'm re-reading Forester's A Room With A View and noticed the phrase "whispering pines"... thought of you and wondered if there was a connection?

Okay... did he REALLY say that?? And if he did... you should bottle him and make a fortune. lol...Yay for you and your finished husband socks!

Hehe Cool socks! Lucky hubby of yours! Wonder when will I knit a pair of socks for my fiance. Oh well, I did knit him a scarf 4 years ago. He almost left it in the cab in London. How silly!!

He-he! I had to laugh, I really thought it was Daffy's feet! You must me a very patient - and loving - knitter!! What's that about "Harry Potter" socks?!

What a labor of love! You did great! He needs to buy you jewelry as a thank you - no wait - more yarn!

I'm knitting husband socks as well this week. I haven't finished the first one yet, although he's tiring of the in-progress try-on fashion show to which I've subjected him. I certainly hope it prevents the ripping and re-toeing.

Hmmm... Why is there a duck standing next to my feet? Somehow it seems very appropriate...Yet...There is a duck standing next to my feet...Greg (husband, aspiring sock model)

I too love to knit and watch (well kind of watch) a movie. If you like period pieces, try anther BBC series that is on video called The Buccaneers. I have watched it about 10 times in the last few years, always love it. Thanks for your great blog! -Liz

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