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November 14, 2005

toasty november

i think november is probably my favorite month of the year. the weather is really starting to get cold and the house is smelling warm and cozy. come second week of the month, my mind is no longer at work anymore, but mentally planning holiday meals. and honestly, i think my working attitude ends right before thanksgiving and it lasts all the way till the new year. how awful is that?

ever since i came to the states i fell in love with thanksgiving almost instantly. coming from a culture rich with culinary arts and fine eats, i was a little disappointed to find that many american families eat processed food on a regular basis. but, during the thanksgiving season, i get to experience the joy of many families preparing a home made meal. i cooked turkey many times already, and usually not just for thanksgiving, but christmas, too! i just love the smell of the cooking turkey in my house.

before i gone totally absorbed in the holiday food, i am showing you this pair of masculine looking footlets i made over the weekend for my husband (as he is now completely in love with handknit footwear!). he loves it, of course, who wouldn't love koigu kersti yarns? i based the construction off alison's ankle socks, it was an easy, gratifying project. also, it is a perfect thing to wear in front of the fireplace while watching movies and having some hot chocolate.

my next sock project will be for me. i know i have been saying that for a while but only now, after knitted for friends, families and husband, i can relaxed and knit a pair completely guilt free. and i'll start off with the handspun yarns from my SP, mac. bet she'd love to see that!

knit project: koigu kersti footlets for husband
difficulty (1-5): 1.2
size: men's medium (44 stitches, long tail cast on)
yarn: koigu's kersti in K315 (less than 2 skeins)
knitting specs: US 7 dpn


Me too! I just love november!!! Unfortunately there's just 30 days in november. But then comes december!

Very pretty ankle socks. And yes, it's time to knit for yourself, you deserve it.

hi carin, thanks for commenting a few times on my blog. i see no ways of letting you know my thoughts but posting them directly here.

Oooh, great looking footies; very macho colorway!I know what you mean about November and holidays.

That's a very nice color for a man. I am going to attempt sock knitting after I am done with Christmas knits. Especially after seeing so many pretty socks being knitted recently on blogworld!

All this sock knitting makes me want to have a go one day... It looks as if it could be fun.

That's a good idea. My dad's been cramming his feet into my mom's Fuzzy Feet for warmth so this would be perfect. I already bough him some yarn for socks though. Hmmm, what gauge are those socks?

Ooooh, I've never used Koigu Kersti before and that colorway looks just manly enough... just the thing for my own Mr!

oh those look so cozy! They are such a beautiful colorway too :) I am the same way with cooking... love making turkey year-round. The yummy smells from turkey really give the homemade cookie smell a run for its money!

Nice footlets, they look so cosy!

Yay! I can't wait to see what you do with the handspun!

Those footlets are indeed very masculine and comfy looking!I’m having fun perusing cookbooks for holiday recipes as well. But I’m really not a cook, so for Thanksgiving I am ordering a ham from the local supermarket. If I can make the side dishes, then I’ll be satisfied!

Those footlets are lovely! The yarn is so nice! You are fantastic! Your husband is really really lucky!

Very manly, masculine footies you have there :-) The colorway is just plain gorgeous, and they look so comfortable.

what wonderful socks - the colours are really beautiful

Those anklets are so pretty and cozy! I love the way yours turned out. I need to try this pattern ;)I love November too!

Wonderful. I love them - the pattern and the colors are perfect.

Cute footlets! I am coming around to the idea of handknit anklets. They do look wonderful in Koigu Kersti.

tres metro colorway - nice pick! how much kersti did they take?

Ooh, I just love that manly-but-interesting colorway. Those are hard to find.It must be very validating to have your husband come around to the wonder of knitted footwear!

Oooh, I really like those. If you don't mind - what yarn did you use for those?I've been peeking at your blog for a few weeks now - it's a little belated, but I absolutely loved your Klaralund. It's high on my to-knit list!