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November 28, 2005

wizard's socks

potter, put your feet down!

knit project: gryffindor socks for husband
difficulty (1-5): 1.2
size: men's medium (64 stitches, long tail cast on)
yarn: dani's sunshine yarns in gryffindor
knitting specs: US 2 cir.

we are all fascinated by the world of harry potter; his friends, enemies and the hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft. last week, we saw the latest potter film and were totally in love with it. surprisingly, i found myself loving the less important characters more... like, hermione (my absolute favorite) and the weasley twins (totally hilarious)!

as we hogwarts groupies, the only thing we can do to satisfy ourselves is to make some knock-off harry potter costumes and imagine what it would be like to go to the interesting wizard schools than the boring grammar or high schools. so, over the thanksgiving weekend, i made a pair of gryffindor socks out of dani's house special, hand-painted self striping sock yarn for my husband. it turned out just perfect!

to accommodate for the size, i casted on 64 stitches and knitted the 1X1 ribbing using US3 needles, when i hit the first yellow stripes, i switched to US2 and continued on for the rest of the socks. they fit wonderfully. i also cut out the yellow sections for the heel to maintain the stripes. a brilliant slight modification copycated from alison. oh, i asked the husband if he wanted a short-row heel or a slip-stitched heel (not that he really knew what i was talking about), he picked the slip-stitched heel as, he said, he might have to fight dragons one day, a sturdier heel would be better. yeah... whatever.

it took me less than one week to finish this pair of socks. a record success for me. i think it was the magic. or, the magic loop on addi turbo's. whichever one you want to believe in is fine with me!

the feet of an aspiring sock model/wizard wannabe, aka, my husband


Your gryffindor socks look great! I loved the movie, too. Can't wait to buy it on DVD.

These socks are just too cool to describe in mere words. But alas...I'll try: Whoo Hoo!I'd wear them every day if I could. Very comfortable & stylish in that esoteric special kind of way; The kind of clothing that actually means something when you wear it. I believe a wedding ring can come in many forms. I wear one on my finger...But occassionally, I wear a wool one on my feet. Not sure if everyone can appreciate the meaning behind that, but that's okay...It means something to me.Bring on the dragons!!!

I love that first picture! Very fun socks! I was hoping for a little fashion shoot with you HP "costumes", but more pictures of socks will do. Very fun!

Brilliant socks Blossom! Don't stop here on the HP knitting... What about that scarf you promised your husband??? A quidditch sweater, maybe???

Ooooh, I love them. I love the stripes in plain stockinette. Brilliant. And cutting the yellow out of the heel - genius. You've been really busy lately!

Absolutely LOVE the socks!!! I am a huge HP fan - the books, the movies, and like you, love Hermione and the more behind the scenes characters :-)The socks are gorgeous! Good job.

LOVE THEM! Wow, aren't you on a FO roll! :)I haven't seen the movie yet! This weekend hopefully. Goddamn work!

You must be a witch to be able to churn out such fabulous socks all the time and at such speed! They're fab!

I'm not really a huge HP fan, but I must say, those socks are faaaabulous. You two are the most charming couple, seriously :)

Great socks! I've been wanted to buy some of that yarn but it always seems to be sold out. The cutting of the yellow yarn for the heels worked great too!

great socks!!! LOVE the pixs!!

Wow, those did come out amazing! What a great fit too :) I love your pictures.. you really do have a knack with that camera!

Nice bright socks! I've always like bright colours. Yes I absolutely enjoyed this latest HP. Tell Greg, he will need more than just socks to fight the dragons... Make him a broom! HAHAH

They are fabulous! They match the scarf I just finished perfectly ;)

They're super cute! So *you're* one of the lucky ones that bought that yarn! I missed out on it the last 3 times she's sold it, so I started my own Gryffindor socks Friday by striping the old-fashioned way w/2 colors of yarn... hope to be done soon.I think the movie is the best one so far. Love Fred & George.

The socks are SO great! Super job on the photos, I love the one on top.

Those socks are fabulous! And I'm with you, the "lesser" characters really shone. I really loved Cho and her cute Scottish accent. :)

Great socks! I must drag my husband to the new HP movie this weekend, everyone has watched it but me :(

oh i just love those socks!

i need more sock yarn like i need a hole in the head! BUT i want some of these! they are fantastic.

I love the movie too! I love Cho's scarf(Ravenclaw colors) so much, I am going to make that for my future sis-in-law as x'mas present. Maybe I will make one for myself after that. I am going to try knitting socks when I am done with christmas knits.

They are super gorgeous!! Great job, Blossom! And it's sweet that your husband is so appreciative of them. =)

Nicely done! Great job, Blossom! Seems like you've been cranking out a lot of FOs lately. Do you have any elves to spare?

Awesome socks! how many skeins of Sunshine Yarns gryffindor yarn did you use for your husband's socks?

What a great post!!! I love the socks - but just as much I love the pictures! Great job!And how about that knitting these in less than a week!! Woo Hoo!! You go girl!

to anonymous and commenters without a return email address - thank you for reading my blog; no, i have no elves in the house and yes, one skein is enough for a pair of socks.

The socks are great, esp with the books. I would like som eRavenclaw ones, I think. Very cool.

The socks look amazing! Nice work on all the details!

Very cute...so quick on addis!

LOVE the HP socks - they are fantastic!