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December 29, 2005

buttons, buttons, everywhere

thank you for all the encouragements for my fair isle project, i felt a bit of embarrassment while reading all of your comments as moments after my posting, i ripped out all of what you saw and had decided to use baby ull instead. sisu yarn is nice and soft but i found it to be somewhat splitty and thin for this project. also, when i tried the sock on, it felt tight. i am hoping that with baby ull, a squishier yarn, there will be more allowance for stretching.

sisu yarn will subsequently become another pair of socks for husband. who is the happy winner here?

i have been searching for buttons for a while. as you all know, alabama is not the craft capital of the world. so, when it comes time to look for buttons, i had two options: hancock fabrics or walmart. stunning, i know. so, i turned to online shopping, of course. little i know that button business is hard to seek out, but i have finally found something.

tagua nut (also known as corozzo) is now my new favorite thing for buttons! though i have yet to physically feel this material, i am pretty sure it will be as luscious as its nickname, vegetable ivory. tagua nut is found in the tropical rain forests in ecuador, now how exotic can this be? i am just a total sucker for anything exotic.

i have ordered some rusty brown tagua buttons for my alpakka sweater. i think it will complement the front quite nicely, no?

with yarns from norway, buttons from ecuador. i think i am all exotic out now.

soon, buttons from ecuador will be part of my sweater!


Baby Ull is a good choice (heehee, that's what I'm going to use for mine too, so it must be good, right), but that doesn't make the progress you made before you ripped any less impressive. Your sweater looks wonderful! And thanks for the great button links - those will come in handy one day.

Thank you for the link to that great button site. I was wondering where to find small red buttons for a vest I'm going to start! Your knitting looks great!

Baby Ull is nice, too. Can't wait to see what colors you picked. The sisu colors you picked are really nice.

Better to rip and re-start early than to keep going when something bugs you. Wonder what the colour combination is like for your baby ull. That's an interesting design for the front of your fun-looking oilily sweater. Love to see what it turns into.

Ooh, your sweater is looking great, I love the colours! Can't wait to see it finished. :-)

can't wait to see this one finished up! it's looking incredible so far!

Ooh, I like your colorful new sweater. Can't wait for you to be done with it.

That is going to be one hot and spicy sweater :-)

Wow! I like all those colours put together. Can't wait to see it finished with the exotic buttons...

Another WOW! Your sweater is looking great. I love all the colours you'd put together. It's going to be an awesome FO. Can't wait to see when you done. Happy New Year!

Your sweater is looking so beautiful!! I love all of the colors. Great work. Happy New Year!

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