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December 12, 2005

excessive deliberation

so i have knitted more than a dozen socks for others, only now i have an open spot to knit one for myself, and have been thinking about what my first pair would be like for a while now. unfortunately it has not happened as my indecisive nature was particularly prominent for this project. i wanted the first pair to be somewhat special but had trapped in this thought too much that nothing seemed special. weird.

elfine's leaves

finally, i picked mac's handspun yarn to knit anna's elfine socks. it is a project completely enabled by knitbloggers, which qualifies as a special pair of socks.

conwy beginning. beautiful yarn with not so suitable pattern

actually, i started off wanting to knit conwy, but somehow the twining cabled pattern just did not show through this particular yarn. moreover, this coral color blue face leicester yarn reminds me of the foliage i never saw this year, elfine's leaf motifs seems to be a better choice than conwy. so far, i like how it looks. the handspun yarn is thick and thin, it is also twisted with a lighter shade of peach. the effect of such nature is really surprising as waves of colors come into life with progress.

searching for yarns and patterns can be blinding and it is hard to look beyond your realm of familiarity. and knitting being a creative hobby, i think it is important to break through this obstacle. how? have others shop for you. give them a criteria of what you are looking for, then see how others interpret such concept. look at other people's work for ideas (like, knitting blogs!), do not let the models on the magazines be your only guidelines to judge a project.

luckily, i have a secret pal who inspires me with gifts of her choices and tastes. thank you, laurie, for being a wonderful better pal.

variegated sock yarn among other knitterly delights


How are you liking the handspun? Not everyone really digs knitting with it.Can't wait to see your finished socks!

Your Elfine's look lovely!! What cast on did you use?

Oh, the sock is gorgeous! You will adore those socks.

Your socks will look lovely in this colour.You are right about trying new things and being adventurous. Gifts from other knitters are invaluable because they help us in discovering "new horizons".

that is beautiful yarn - i think your socks will be beautiful!

Wow very nice sock yarn, I have yet try sock knitting. Looks like you got a wonderful pal too. Enjoy your goodies and happy knitting.

Lovely gifts from your pal! The sock is off to a lovely start ;)

congrats on entering the sock world! that yarn looks lovely! i have elfine on my list as well (of course).

Mmm, yummy yarn gorgeous color. I am resisting the sock temptation myself, though it becomes harder to do when I look at patterns and yarn like that!

All of the options available in knitting and on the blogs leads naturally to deliberation, but looks like you found a good solution! I am also knitting the elfine socks in red. (have to be careful about showing photos of them though because they are a gift..)

Love the leaf pattern - reminds me of my favorite Kiri shawl :-)

Hey your elfine's are looking lovely! beautiful colouring... And nice goodies from your BP too!!

ooohhh, that handspun yarn is very beautiful, one of my favourite colours! The Sockotta yarn is pretty too

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