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December 27, 2005

fair isle stockings

right before the holidays i found myself almost obsessed over this pair of stockings, after seeing eunny's and jessica's versions. i am now in the process of making one for myself - norwegian stockings from folk socks by nancy bush.

this is my first serious fair isle project and i enjoy it. eunny and jessica both had some extensive pattern notes for this project so i have been learning a lot from their experiences. i am knitting with US2 needles, sisu yarns from norway and am trying fair isle with magic loop. so far, it has been working well for me. the colors i am using are charcoal, lavender and light grey. i envision myself wearing it with black loafer, wool black or charcoal pleated skirt and a fitted lavender (or dusky purple) skirt. preppy but modern. the only problem is that i can not find any skirts. all the major clothing chains are currently showcasing bohemic/vintage fashion, no decent skirts can be found. sigh!!

as this item is seasonal, i have a sense of urgency to finish it before the winter is over. hopefully by then i will find my skirt.

if you are familiar with this pattern, you should notice that i have knitted some extra amount of ribbing. this is for the potential double facing elastic band insertion. i am not sure how this will turn out though i am sure that some form of elastic will be installed. double facing, as described in the "big book of knitting" is a good way of inserting elastic band. however, it adds bulk to the ribbing and i may end up ditching this option and just thread through some thin elastic cords on the wrong side.

i am also not sure if my tension is working. magic loop method presented some problems as the folding edge creates a much shorter distance for the yarn flows. i had to purposely pull the flows loose to create an overall even tension for the sock.

anyway, it is going to be a pretty pair of stockings! i can't wait!!


Oh pretty. Those stockings are on my list this winter too. Your idea for the skirt is perfect. Good luck finding it. I like the colors you chose - I went with a more traditional black, red, and cream. I can't wait to see how your's work out.

very nice, can't wait to see your progress on the stockings, I'd love to make a pair myself.

Those are on my to do list! After seeing everyones I have to make some!

Looks pretty so far. I love the lavendar. This are going to on my to-knit list. We'll see when I get around to them ;)

They are looking great so far! I love the lavender color in them...

Wow, it's looking very pretty so far, beautiful colors. I agree with you on the skirts, nothing good lately.

Great colour combination. Hope you find the right skirt in the end...

They look great! The colors are wonderful.Hope you're having happy holidays!

Looks wonderful so far!! Can't wait to see your progress!

A great start! I love the ability to learn from others experiences through the internet.My experience of fair isle in general is distressing, so lets just leave it with me saying how totally impressed I am with your progress so far!

Nice color choices! Those are going to be very cool looking socks.

Your sock is looking good. I love all those color you picked out. I gotto find time to go thru that magic loop technique, I heard it works wonder for sock knitting.

Love the lavender popping up in the middle of the charcoal. I'm sure you're having fun watching the patterns and colours emerge. Enjoy your knitting and have a Happy New Year.

Lovely colors--really making them your own. Kim/Curly Girl--accessible from the list of St. Brigid knitters on my blog--is almost finished with hers. They are lovely.katyknits

It's looking wonderful...I saw Eunny's socks, which were quite striking...your's will be fab once you find those perfect skirts to go with.I'll check back on your progress...

lovely color choices! it's like a feminized version of the tres manly red-black-white combo in the book. i'm glad you're trying something new for the ribbing - i'll be watching to see how it goes. mine will be subjected to the elastic-thread treatment in a few days.j

You bet those are gonna be great! I can't wait to see them all done!beth (big geek)

Ooo, I love how it looks so far. Can't wait for you to finish it! I am going to start with a simple sock and if I am successful, I will try knitting this one too!

these are going to be beautiful! i started making a pair myself...the first one turned out too small, so i turned it into a christmas stocking for my pooch. now i just have to get motivated to start over again. this is great inspiration. love your blog, btw. : )

these stockings are also on my to-be-knit list.