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December 02, 2005

greedy but necessary

so you are standing right in the middle of the most fabulous yarn shop in the world with all those luxurious yarns and you were told to only pick out one sweater worth of yarns and that's it. now how long do you think that selection process is going to take? long. very, very long. why? because we are all greedy knitters.

i feel that was the situation i have put amilia in. she is a knitter, believe it or not, but she does not knit. this singaporean girl claims that the tropical weather has really limited her knitting. what? i think she is just being funny. but anyway, i am going to make iris for her. but i know she wants more than just the plain looking iris, she wants something else. something lacey and unique. and you know what, i will make not one, but two shrugs/boleros for her. let the pattern search begins!

japanese knitting books, beautiful and tempting!

amilia is so sweet, she has offered to indulge me in this greedy collection of japanese knitting books (after seeing li's growing colletion, i feel i need some, too!). she will shipped them to me on a batch basis and in return, i will make some little shrugs for her, send her some beading magazines (she makes gorgeous jewelry) and classic american shirts from A&F.

wow, head is spinning. knitting is, all of a sudden, a global activity.

yes, i am still knitting. thank you for liking my socks and scarves. husband is thrilled. he wants more socks (of course!) but november has ended so i am moving on from just knitting accessories. over the weekend, i will show you my progress of cobalt blue cardi and highgate (one is more significant than other). i will also pick up the needles again for the long forgotten alpakka sweater. also, a new baby project for my brother and his wife who are expecting a girl.


Haha, so you have caught on to the Japanese fever started by Li, huh. I check out Kinokuiniya while I was up in NY last week. The 2 books at the top left hand corner, I am not too crazy about. The first one, I only like the cover sweater. The second one is too modern for my taste. I got this instead which Li also has. The patterns in it are all very very pretty and is inspiring me to design my own knits. ;)

Those patterns look beautiful, wish I can read Japanese. Can't wait to see your new baby project.

Agh! Japanese knitting magazines are fabulous. Indulge away!

What a fantastic arrangement! Once you've start your collection you'll have to do reviews, so that I can go out and buy them too without having to solely judge a book by it's cover. See we all win!

Thanks Bloss! It's true that it's too hot to knit in Singapore. I really can't wait to see my shrugs! Oh this is all too exciting...

Haha, U bought so many japanese books and I love them all, especially the patterns book.My BlogMy on-line shop

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this is a singapore knitter replying. one can definitely knit in this tropical weather. i guess as long as you have a strong passion to knit, not even the humidity, perspiration can stop u from it.just my 2cents.

Alright, maybe I am just finding an excuse... BUT having said that, I have another hobby to fulfil my dream, and that is to make and sell my jewellery... So knitting will have to wait. Maybe till I am pregnant with my first child hahah

WOW!!! That is quite the bargain, I think... what a wonderful lot of patterns!!!