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December 19, 2005

more on japanese knitting books

book cover and its content
we all know that there are many beautiful knitting books in japan but they are not very searchable. well, until now. i have discovered a taiwanese online bookstore, where they show an inside preview of many japanese knitting books; some with enlarged pictures. with this link, you can go check it out yourselves! behind those beautiful covers, you will find a pair of cozy socks (i really really need one!), the most beautiful fair isle mittens, and many more.

if mandarin is not your language, you can still navigate. just click on the pictures, and scroll to the bottom to nagivate between pages (where you shall see numerical numbers).

no need to judge a book by its cover anymore!


Yeah, those mittens are beautiful. I hope you'll get a chance to make a pair of socks for yourself soon, you're good at it, too, I love your friday harbor socks.

The mittens are pretty incredible. Thanks for the link to the book site. It will be really useful!

Beautiful projects, mittens and socks alike, but do we need to learn mandarin too? Are they any Japanese knitting books with English translation?

Very cool. But I must focus on the projects on my list first.

I found a ton of Japanese knitting books in a shop in Fort Lee, NJ. Is it necessary to be able to read Japanese to knit anything from them? If not, I'm dashing out to Ft. Lee asap!

That's a good link, thanks blossom!

Those knit boots are fab. I can totally see those as legwarmers...

Thank you for finding such a good link!!! I see a few more japanese knitting book added to my to-get list. Hehe.

OH BLESS YOU! :)Thank you, thank you, thank you! Up until now, I've only been able to judge the books based on what other knitters knit. Now, to fill my home with Japanese knitting books. ;)

Oh thank you so much for sharing the link. I love that cabled sock. Is that a sock or something else?

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I tried to find Japanese knitting book I been wondering what they are hiding inside their wonderful cover..... Using your link - but had no luck..Is there some way I can check certain book by ISBN number on your Books.com link??

cool, thanks for the link!

I don't have the time to search for it now, but I just want to let you know that you can get some of the Japanese knitting books from www.yesasia.com ... the search is especially easy if you have the isbn. I bought from this site before and they have a large library. ;)

yes, those mittens are stunning. Merry Christmas.

Love those sock/slipper/ugg things...very cool.Happy Holidays!