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January 25, 2006

a year in whispering pine

peter mayle's a year in provence is so charming, i can only hope that the year in whispering pine had brought you half as much fun and light hearted pleasures. knitting pleasures, that is.

in three days, i will be blogging about my knitting for one year. this year, compared to many years of my life in the past, is definitely one of the best ones; knitting or not. if my world is like a cake, knitting, blogging about knitting and shopping for yarns are definitely the cream and cherries of the cake, the best part.

i have learned how to spend my time carefully as it will become a valuable commodity as i grow old. i have chosen to spend my time with knitting, and i think i will continue to do so for the years to come. why? because knitting and friends of this knitting world have brought me so much joy and friendship, just two steps shy from the love i got from my husband and cats.

as such, i think my journal deserves a better home. so here i am, i have bought a piece of property in the cyberspace. i now have my new, independent blog.

thank you, diana, for enabling me a fabulous space here. i love the tree. and i am adding on a new one annually. it may grow into a forest. who knows?

my dear readers, you shall know how to find me, i don't want you losing your way in the forest.

happy knitting.


It's a beautiful new home :) Congrats!

so lovely!

Oh! So pretty and clean and easy to navigate. Great work from Diana; congrats to you! ***off to click Bloglines subscribe button***

Diana did a great job! I love it. She's definitely the person I'd go to if I got a new blog design.

Beautiful and peaceful. A lovely new home! I changed you over on Bloglines ;)

Your new home is lovely... congratulations! :)

Blossom, your new home is wonderful! As always, Diana did an awesome job. I like the idea of adding a tree every year. Your knitting is beautiful and your writing is inspiring, and I look forward to more of both in this next year!

Beautiful new home for your blog! Hope to see many trees here. :)

Ooooh, I love it! Diana once again did a marvelous job and the design just seems perfect for you. Welcome to your new home - I look forward to watching your forest grow.

Clean and simple. Congrats on your new home!

congrats on your new happy home!

Wow your new site looks great!!

You and Diana did a great job designing this new site! It's so clean and sharp. I want a new site, too!

Great job with your new home -- I love the 2 small acorns at the bottom of your sidebar. I wonder what they'll grow into?

Loving the new blog...I am thinking of switching to a new domain as well.

Diana did an awesome job. No worries - I'll subscribe to your new site.....Love your knits and blog entries.

I sceond the clean comment. Very pleasant to look at.

I love the look of your blog - crisp and clean, like pine-scented mountain air.

Here's to many happy posts at the new home of whispering pine!

Yay, welcome to your news space! Congratulations on going solo!

The site is divine. Congrats your new blog home.

my gosh, it's real perdy in here. I love it!

Oh wow, nice digs! I love what you guys did with the place.

What a wonderful new home!! I love the site - it's simple to navigate, and is really well done. Congratulations to you!!! Oh - and I moved my bloglines feed right on over to the new address - easy, peasy.

So beautiful! I love how Diana captured the serenity of your blogging in her design. Simple and clean. I look so forward to this year of projects and blogging!

I love it! The tree is awesome. I can't decide if I like the tree or the pine cones the best =) Wonderful!

Beautiful site! Your vision and Diana's coding did the trick!!!

Aww. May you see your tree grow to a happy hundred-acre wood. Love the new site!

I'm thrilled your RSS feeds are working! Hooray!

Awsome new blog!! congratulations!

I love it!

Love the new site design!

Congratulations! I love the air and beautiful simplicity of your new site! A joy for the eyes!!

Lovely! Very elegant and refined.

i love it! it is so simple and elegant...but then again I would expect nothing less from a joint collabortion between yourself and diana.

What a beautiful shade you chose for your craft room. You have excellent taste and very creative. A shade of paint? Who would've thought. I love your story.

Welcome to your new home Blossom. Lovely site, may the tree grows indeed into a forest.

Congrats on your new bloghome!

Your new site looks fabulous! So clean and crisp, love it!

I'll update my list! I love the new site. Very classy.

I just moved my blog too! www.pipandtom.com

I love your new home!!! It is so beautiful :) Diana did a wonderful job... She is doing some things for me next ;)! Here's to many many more years of thoughtful and truely amazing posts :)

Wow! What a change! Nice new home for you :o)

Congratulation on your new home &
Love it!!!!

as always you are giving me lots of inspiration!!

woo hoo! congrats, i love it! now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to explore...

Gorgeous! Simple and clean -- lovely new home =)

Your new home is wonderful, very calming to look at. Thank you for taking the time to share this part of your life with us.

Lovely! I found you through Diana's site. I always love happening upon new knitting blogs! Looking forward to seeing more!

Love your new site!!!

Great new site. Congrats.

simple and nice, less is more.
got to change my blogroll links.

Congratulations on your new, beautiful space. January is a good time for a change. :)

Your blog is lovely. Content and design :)

Great news! congratulations :) I've already updated my bloglines to visit your new home.

Beautiful!!! :-)

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