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January 30, 2006

cardigans for both

thank you so very much for liking my new home. i am so aspired to keep bringing you my knitting adventures in this new space.

so the romantic thoughts of moving to a new city are gone, now we are left with the practical aspects of relocation. it can be anxious and exciting all at the same time, no? but fear not, i am still knitting.

it may be a while before i have more exciting pictures to show. we have left our camera at a friend's house over the weekend. friends live in another city. so i may have to document my knitting with words until the camera is back. hey, but you will still visit, right? i know that you come here for my writing and pictures are just bonus. (please say yes!!)

cobalt blue without the front

cobalt blue cardi is almost done. i have two front pieces to knit, then, assemble, sew buttons, done. i have enjoyed working on this project a lot. rowanspun is a great tweed yarn to work with, just like many bloggers had already mentioned. i do have one complaint about this pattern/yarn: very difficult to adjust tensions from one stitch pattern to the next. i am hoping a trip to the bath would resolve this issue.

for my neice, i settled for this classic style in the end. i think she will get more wear out of it than a teeny coat.

another baby cardi in the color of lavender

this project is really simple, though i have massively adjusted the gauge (which i hope it would work out!). the initial progress is slow as it calls for so many stitches for lower part of the cardi, even after the gauge adjustment. it is a lovely pretty thing, nonetheless.

i imagine rowan yarn classic's cashsoft is very similar to debbie bliss's cashmerino collection. the yarn is very soft, very easy to work with and gives a lovely stitch definition. if you ever consider trying, here is my input for you.


The cobalt blue cardi is just gorgeous!!!
Good luck with the relocation process. I know it can be really stressful, but hopefully you will have time to knit a few stitches here and there to decompress.

That looks lovely! I often do significant gauge adjustments on baby clothes with (usually) problem-free results. And I really tend to wing it -- since you're more meticulous than I am, I'm sure you'll have no problems whatsoever. Besides, babies fit into almost anything for at least a little while.

The cobalt blue cardi is lovely! I think you're right about the baby cardigan - it does sound more practical than a little coat.

I love the cobalt blue cardi - it's really beautiful. The baby sweater looks so pretty in that soft pink - and I'm sure the gauge adjustment will be just fine. Don't let the stress of moving get to you too much - take time to knit and unwind a bit (heehee). And I'll absolutely still visit because the pictures are definitely the bonus.

I'm happy to hear that you like the RYC cashsoft, it's a good yarn. Your work looks very good so far.

I love that cardigan, and I await more photos of the baby cardi--that's such a beautiful pink.

Wow, the cobalt blue cardigan's fabulous--well done!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new site!! Your cobalt blue cardi is gorgeous also...glad you're enjoying your new digs. The little pine cone next to the Comments section is fabulous.

Nice work on that cardigan. It looks fabulous!

Cobalt Blue looks really great, not far to go !...

Thank you for the comment! I LOVE your new site and your cobalt cardi is going to be beautiful.

The Cobalt Blue Cardi is looking fabulous! This one is going to be gorgeous - and I can't wait to see it.

And the baby sweater is precious. I've always wanted to try the cashoft... it's great to hear you like it so much.

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