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January 04, 2006

blog and a rabbit tank top

thank you for the overwhelming words of my elfine. it is so warm here today but i am waiting for a perfect day to wear them. which will be the happy day for my feet.

this and the following couple posts will be about my 2006 aspirations, mostly knitting, little on life. but first and being the foremost, my blog. i am considering switching my current platform to movable type. a year of blogging has proven to me (and my husband) that this activity will be part of my life for a while, so i am ready to invest in my hobby now. hopefully i will be able to gather enough information in the next couple weeks to enable this transition. while keeping in mind that my html knowledge is like two sentences long, i welcome all advice, suggestions and help.

so blogging. bigger and better. aim: quality posts for self and leave meaningful comments for others. continue to knit with love and passion to enable good blogging. keep seeking inspirations from the talented and be kind to all knitters alike.

aside from the blog, january is going to be taken up by a couple baby knits. at least for the first part.

rabbit tank top (baby knits book)

i am making nephew E a tank top based on the baby knits book by debbie bliss. nephew E lives in singapore, he is 2.5 years old, active as any other baby boys. he loves toy cars and chunky monkey smoothies (the banana strawberry smoothie from fuzion cafe). for an active, bobbling boy, my version of tank top for him will be in the color of willow leaf, garnished with the color of sea waves, a soft shade of blue. a mind calming color combo will hopefully send a state of tranquility to his parents. i am also adding an opening at the back, that will be addressed with buttons of robert rabbit and co. i am collecting my own creative version from here and here.

cotton fleece, the yarn i am using for the second time, gives such beautiful and crisp stitch definition. i will make an effort to use this yarn more frequently in the future. also, this yarn is perfect for tubular cast on, see? it can almost passed as a machine knit garment.

i am loving how fast this project goes. one more reason to knit for nieces and nephews before they all grow up.

monkeysuit for my baby niece is also coming. i am exercising the "first come, first serve" rule, as such, nephew's tank top first, niece's jacket is currently holding a number.


I love the colors you picked for the tank top, you always pick good color combinations. The tubular cast on looks very neat. Looking forward to seeing the monkeysuit, too, have fun making them.

the green and blue color combo is one i'm using for my next (self-designed) vest. you have good taste, heh. love the tubular. it's time i learned to do that too.

It looks gorgeous...great photo of the tubular cast on. I need to do this cast on more often, it looks so professional! Love the colour choice. I don't know anything about moveable type, but have thoughts of expanding myself.

I love the colors. I never tried the tubular cast on, but it does look nice.

beautiful colours, love that tubular cast on trim.

Very, very impressive tubular cast on! And it looks cute so far!

Wonderful sweater - what a cute gift for a little boy. I love moveable type and I know nothing of html. My suggestion - Diana. She's fabulously talented and knows a whole lot.

Wow, your tubular cast on is indeed very neat and I love the colors you chose for the tank top! As for the blog – I am also very pleased with MT and I second Stephanie’s recommendation of Diana.

Beautiful colours and tubular cast-on (I will have to try this technique one day).

I really like the colors you chose for your nephew's tank top. It's such a cute top.

This vest is going to be just right for the weather over here. Lovely colour combo for a little boy. Glad to know your blog is going to be around, I love to read about your knitting.

beautiful sentiments about your blog- looking forward to seeing it in new improved format. I'm sticking with the no cost option myself (ie, blogger), but I've heard great things about typepad. I suggest looking at the blogs you like and finding out what they use.

Is that your nephew? He is so cute! Love those curly hair! :o) Love the colour combination of the top... can't wait to see the back of it! :o)

I never would have paired those two colors together, but I really like the way they look! Great little knit ;)

what a cute little tank! I think i have that book, i'm off to investigate.

I have been very happy with WordPress. If you're interested in that at all and want more info, feel free to email me.I have that Debbie Bliss book and there are several things I'd like to make from it. I bet the tank sweater comes out great!

that is a gorgeous little sweater...and what stylish colour choices! although did i really expect anything less from you.i know some people have complained about typepad - but i find it so easy to use and i honestly cant say it has caused to many problems for me. also the amount of html you need is minimal and up to your own ambition.

Bloss, I've made your 1st necklace. Check out my blog! Let me know what your think of it. :o)

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