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January 10, 2006

more on blog and buttons

soon, i will abandon this blog and move my journal to movable type. if you notice anything weird or had already secretly discovered my new domain name, please browse it in silence. the new site is up but it is still a mess. which i dare not to put my readers through it just yet.

soon, i hope. you shall love my new home in the blogland.

my nephew is in the phase of animal imitation, as my sister had informed me. he pictured himself as a dog at the moment. he barks, licks and pants. had i known that earlier, i would have knit him a dog suit. a blues clues t shirt. or maybe his fascination with dogs will end soon. perhaps rabbits next.

and yes, monkeysuit is next. in fact, i had started that last night. surprisingly i did not care for the pattern so much now. double seed stitches are looking a bit too granny like. i am considering another pattern. i'm thinking the yoked cardi i had made earlier but with casharan and a bigger gauge. large amounts of pattern modification will have to happen. i can do it, i think so.

now are you ready for some cute buttons? they are the long awaited tagua buttons. how precious! they look like little donuts.

tagua buttons in rusty red matching my alpakka sweater

can you see the beautiful grain?

also, mari is kind enough to scout out some horn buttons for my blue cobalt cardi, which is about half way done. the best part, it comes with a box of chocolate. now just how many times in the blog land you actually see chocolate made it into the pictures? and no, i still have plenty to savor. hmm...

buttons and chocolate with my blue cardi


I love all those buttons! Who's your secret button vendor? ;)

Mmmm, doughnuts.

I can't wait to see your next baby project. Whether you choose monkeysuit or yoked cardi, it'll be beautiful. Now that you mention it, double-seed all over does look a little granny like, but it won't be ugly.I like those buttons.

I am looking forward to discovering your new blog...Those buttons for the Alpaka sweater are brilliant !

The buttons are great and what self control you have to keep that box of chocolates full! :-)Looking forward to your new blog!

you ARE good managing to get a photo of the chocs!Lovely buttons.

of course you can modify a pattern to suit your gauge. you're talented! and where's that secret domain of yours? I won't tell, I promise.

I need to start finding buttons that come with food or look like food. : ) The buttons look so pretty.

Good luck with the big move - I did that last year about this time.Lovely orange buttons, they are such a pretty shape.

Your tagua buttons are fantastic! I love them, and I'm sure they'll look great. You have such self control with the chocolates - they don't last very long in our house!

I love the buttons and that chocolate - yum. I can't wait to see the new blog. Very exciting.

You're going to love MT. I've been pondering a site re-vamp (not move, just re-vamp) myself. It's easy to get stagnant. Can't wait to see the new digs. Your buttons are fabulous.

You take some cool pics :) I'd kill for your camera...or just the skills to be able to optimize the conditions for taking good pics with mine. And that yoked cardigan is cute as a button.

i can't wait to see your new home and also the baby project!

Those tagua buttons are fantastic - maybe I missed it in an earlier post, but will you tell us again where they came from! Oh, and I love your rabbit tank, by the way - beautiful color choices!

okay, me again - I scrolled down and found your button post! I was on a button quest not too long ago and also found that it is DARN HARD to find buttons online, so kudos to you for posting your sources. Still though, I'd love to know where the fabulous rusty red ones came from - the grain and the shape are just fantastic.

What is that brown tweedy yarn at the very bottom? It looks delicious.

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