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January 01, 2006

new year, 2006

elfine feels at home in the woods

knit project: amelia raitte - elfine
difficulty (1-5): 1.7
size: one size (24 stitches, toe up turkish method)
yarn: handspun bluefaced leicester by pesky mac (400 yd)
knitting specs: US 1 magic loop

the year starts off with a finished project completely enabled by knit bloggers, an adorable community that i became a part of; world wide knitters whom have enriched my life and most importantly, my knitting.

elfine, my new socks. a beautiful design by anna in london, an even more precious handspun yarn gifted to me by mac in philadephia. the colors are beautiful, soft against my feet, radiant under the sun.

a ray of sunlight on a beautiful new year's morning

accompanied by the nose of a nosy cat

i tried to capture the first morning ray of 2006, beneath the pile of woods i found my cat whom stealthily had tried to be in (or avoid) the picture. she was totally spooked by last night's fireworks. today, she is trying to find a comfort place in her favorite spot. so cute.

elfine is also comfortable in my room and on my feet

elfine fits wonderfully, i used turkish cast on (best method for toe up socks), yarn over short row heels and cast off very loosely. they probably will not stay on but the sloughy look of elfine is just as pretty.

have a wonderful year, my beloved knitting friends. i have many aspirations for my knitting and life, which i shall share in the coming days. also, it has been almost one year since the inception of whispering pine. soon, you will find out the story behind the name of this knitting blog.


The elfine socks are beautiful, as are your photos!!

Beautiful socks! wishing you a beautiful new year too.

what wonderful socks.wishing you a perfect 2006. happy new year.

your socks are gorgeous blossom! And I love the earthy pictures you took... with a little cat head in there too :) looking forward to seeing where you go in 2006! Hugs

They look great! So glad you could use the yarn!!Happy New Year!

Very pretty! I love the orange color.

Another great pair of socks! Happy New Year!

Absolutely beautiful socks!

gorgeous socks! happy new year to you.

Lovely socks and photos. Happy New Year!

Very pretty socks and Happy New Year to you too!

Happy New Year, Blossom. Your Elfine socks are bright and beautiful...

Beautiful socks ! The color looks warm and cozy.Regards Dorte, DK

Gorgeous socks, photographed on a gorgeous day!

They are beautiful! Enjoy your new socks and the New Year!

Ooh, tantalizing...I can't wait to hear the story and see what you have planned for the year ahead! A very happy and knitty new year to you!


Your socks rock! I wish I had a great pair like yours. Take care!

Your socks are lovely. Happy new year!

Happy New Year! Your orange socks are beautiful. Can't wait to hear the whispering pine story.

aiy i really need to start knitting socks. love yours! have a great 2006!

Elfine looks lovely! Well done :)Happy New Year!

beautiful post - gorgeous. love the nose of your cat!

Happy, Happy New Year to you!! Your socks look wonderful!

Happy New Year Blossom! Glad you managed to capture the first sunlight of 2006! Lovely socks!

what a great start to the year! they are gorgeous! i had to frog mine; they were way too big :-(happy new year, blossom!

Wonderful socks. I love the pattern and the color. Your kitty is so cute hiding in the wood pile. Happy New Year to you.

Those are awesome!

Beautiful socks and wonderful pictures! I can't wait to hear your blog naming story. Happy New Year, Blossom!

mmh, I've been staring at these socks for minutes now, just soaking in that warm toasty color while outside gray rain is coming down from a colourless sky. I was going to give sock knitting a break, but this orange could tempt me. Have a very Happy New Year, Blossom! I'm so excited to see what you've got planned for this year.

Great way to ring in the new year with YOUR beautiful socks - so glad you have a pair for yourself now ;)Happy New Year, Blossom! Sorry I missed you this 'Bama trip - perhaps next time around!

The socks are lovely and I just downloaded the pattern for myself. Your photos are beautiful as well!

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