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January 08, 2006

the complete rabbit tank

the back of the tank top is the highlight. why? i modified it for the better! ...and the boring front.

knit project: debbie bliss's the baby knits book - rabbit tank top
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: chest 60cm
yarn: brown sheep's cotton fleece in willow leaf, nymph and rue
knitting specs: US 5 and 6 cir.

like i said earlier, this is a quickie project. though it took me a good amount of time fixing the neckline (this kid has a big head) and weaving in ends.

this is a simple knit so not too much to share, i followed debbie bliss's decreases around the arm holes and neckline, aside from that, all the measurements were tailored to my nephew. one of the things i'd like to get better at in knitting is the finishing techniques. i am so good at overlooking this (and possibly the most important) area of knitting. but, i aspire to be a good knitter, a non sloppy knitter. so i had tried to pay particular attention on finishing techniques for this project.

however, i am still no elizabeth zimmermann or becky the skinny rabbit. more practice is still needed. patience, too.

i also wanted to show off the little rabbit button at the back opening by utilizing a darker shade of blue (remnants of wave skirt stash) and the light blue. i think it adds some visual interest.

love the rabbit button (but please excuse that cat paw, never pay attention to a cat who is trying to bite your knits)

pumpkin! bad cat. stay out of my room!!


I love the button!! It's so cute!! Is that the Peter Rabbit range?? hehe! Very nice vest for a little one...

It's lovely, it's lovely! Your nephew will look really cute in it :).

Awwwwww, so cute! I love what you did with the button hole too, and who could resist that button?

It is so sweet Blossom and the colours are great together. And I can see Pumpkin loves it too!...

You have made such a beautiful work with the back opening. And the little rabbit button is really cute.

great job, the colour combo is gorgeous and I love what you did with the button detail.

it is almost too cute for words.well done!

very cute!

Oh, it's really pretty, and the colours look so nice together. :-) And the cat paw is just too cute for words, love that photo!

that little top is precious.i think it's great that you're focussing on your finishing. it's so easy to be happy that you finished the big knitting and to ignore the finishing effort. it's all those little details that make such a difference!

that has sweetness written all over it

It's little details like that button and the contrasting color that make handknits so priceless.

That's so cute, the colour combo looks really nice!

It looks better than the original pattern! Great job on the modifications!

It's so sweet! Great job and awesome button :)

Gorgeous!! I love the button.

Cute sweater! I love the small touches of blue - really sets the sweater off.

Your nephew is very lucky to have you as an aunt!! Any chance of knitting one for his mum? You have done a great job, this top is absolutely priceless!! Thanks

What a great tank! :) I love the peter rabbit button. Great job

I think you finished this sweater really well, it's very neat, beautiful cast-on, and I love that button. Perfect sweater.

Adorable. You did a wonderful job and it was a really quick knit. Your cat is just the cutest little thing!

That is so cute, Blossom - I love the button and the way the yarn worked up. Such a nice even texture!

Hi my aunt ...i am your new niece :-))) ( and like to have a tank with those lovely buttons ,,,)i love peter rabbit and i think your nephew should be proud of his aunt!Suza

What a cute tank! The color accent and button make the tank -- it's all in the details isn't it!?

So sweet - love those colors. And that rabbit button is really something - adorable. Loved your Elfines too.

Adorable! Love the button and I think your finishing looks good, at least from the photos!

Wow, you knit that up quick! I love the colors :)

Lovely as always~~~

Oh gawd. That button is my undoing. I fall. I fall hard.

the cuteness is unbearable! love the colours you chose, and the finishing details are just perfect. great work, blossom!

isn't it the details that really make a piece - you already know i love that button! anna x

What a great color combination! And I love that button, I have the same ones and haven't been able to part with them, they are too cute.

Awwww, that's just adorable! I'd be tempted to make the back the front, if only to show off those colors.

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