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January 18, 2006

would i keep knitting?

i often feel that hobbies are activities you do to complement the unhappiness in your life. hobbies are things you enjoy doing and feel passionate about. furstration and displeasure that generally associated with chores or jobs are not part of what hobbies offer. therefore, i think, a person's hobbies are a rough reflection of what she/he is seeking in life.

would i keep knitting if i win the lottery? i know i would quit my job instantly because my life would be better without this job. i would keep my husband, cats and families because i know life is not anything without them. but, would i quit knitting?

would you?

i crave having a creative environment. living in one and working with people with similar minds. unfortunately, i am in a profession which creativity is forbidden. rules and theories and data are what dictate my day. but i have knitting. when i knit, i create, i learn and i follow no rules of what is right or wrong. i do what pleases myself and those qualities are darn attractive to me.

winning a lottery puts you in a totally different world from the rest of the common working class. you have an abundance of money to allow for instant gratification. no more budgets. if i want to fill my house with lorna's laces sock yarn, i can. if i want to work with only cashmere fiber, i can hire farmers and have a cashmere goat farm set up. i will not need to have patience. i may even cease to have desire as all of them will be fulfilled.

if that is the case, will i have the endurance to knit a pair of socks? an aran sweater, or an alice starmore fair isle cardigan? will i still find yarns attractive, spinners amazing or artists beautiful?

is it better to live a life knowing that you do not have everything and still have hopes knowing that one day you will?

yikes. no, i did not win no lottery. and i still have my job. and i am still knitting.

but we are moving. in a few months, we are moving closer to our dreams.


I have thought of this as well...and I know I will keep knitting! Bigger and better things...pool/beach side...around the world. Yes, that's it...my Knit Around the World with Me Blog!

I thought you'd won the lottery! I hope you do...right after I do. He!I know I'd keep knitting, only with more luxurious yarn and needles. Good luck with your move and dreams.

Now you start me thinking... Rich people still have hobbies (I think...). If you have a creative mind it won't die with the arrival of money. You don't knit out of necessity but for pleasure.So my answer is yes, very probably. In addition to money, you would have also more time...

Congrats on your move! I would like to think I'd still knit. If I've stuck with something this long, chances are it will be around for a while.

It's been five years since I started knitting, the fun never ends, there's always new yarns and patterns. Yeah, I'll take a break, but I always go back to it, it's my true hobby.And blogs like whispering pine keeps things interesting :)

Wow, that's a good question. I think I *would* because I know I wouldn't change my lifestyle much. Sure, I'd buy the nice car, buy a nice home, and so on, but I've never craved a lot of stuff. I usually want things that can only be achieved by learning and creating. Money can't buy that, not for me.Good luck with your move!

I would keep knitting. I can't really imagine my life without it. If I didn't have to work because I'd won the lottery and I didn't knit, what in the world would I do with myself. I can only handle so much shopping. Yikes, at least I imagine I can only handle so much shopping - I've never actually reached that point. Knitting makes me happy and I don't think money can really change what makes us happy, it just makes some things easier. Congrats again on the move.

I think I'd still knit. But maybe not as much, because with all that money I would quit my job and have time and space to pursue other interests as well, like weaving, jewelry making, sewing. As someone who used to be a professional bookbinder, I can tell you that even a creative job is not fun all the time, especially when you have to follow other peoples ideas or deal with getting paid. Your move sounds exciting! Maybe you could pursue a more nurturing job?

wonderful, thoughtful post. i'd keep knitting - i'd knit all day, in fact, if i didn't have to do anything else.congratulations and good luck on the move!

Thot provoking. Knitting is an outlet for me to make something beautiful with my own hands. An outlet because in my work life, I'm expected to do other things where my intellect is valued more than what I can do with my hands. A little personal rebellion? And I will never win the lottery because I never buy lottery tickets! Best wishes on the move.

I would keep knitting. I find knitting soothing, it calms me when I feel chaotic. I guess if I ever get rich I will still feel the need to relax and so I will still need to knit.

oh wow Blossom! Congrats on the move :) You'll have to tell us more later! I would definitely still knit if I won the lottery. I think that if we all find the time to cram in this time intensive hobby with our jobs, just think about how we would feel without! Sounds so relaxing :)

Congratulations!!! I wish the best for you and your husband.

If I won the lottery the bulk of the money would be spent on creating my ideal living situation, within which I would allocate plenty of space for all of my hobbies, knitting included. Without some sort of creative outlet I'd feel as if I were stagnating.I'd buy much nicer yarn, however.

the way i am feeling today, i could definitely quit my job and knit all day.however, i think it would not be too long before alas the money ran out. and i think even if i won the lottery my spending powers are second to none!

Oh, this felt like if you were writing for me! I've been feeling so frustrated with my job lately, and been thinking what the priorities in my life are. Knitting is definately one of them. Congratulations on the move, Blossom! :-)

I am fortunate in that I don't have much unhappiness in my life right now, so I don't use knitting as an antidote to unpleasant aspects of day. However, I think that maybe winning the lottery (and subsequently quitting your job) deprives you of the contrast between work and play, and it's that contrast that makes play (in my case knitting) so enjoyable and rewarding. When we have limited time (and resources) to do something, it makes it a real treat. If we can do it any time, it becomes just, you know, regular life. So if I won the lottery, I think I'd keep knitting, but a lazy afternoon under a blanket with my needles and yarn wouldn't feel like quite the luxury that it is now.P.S. I'm willing to test this theory, if anyone wants to give me a few million dollars.

I'd definitely knit. And I'd have to have a whole room for the fiber acquisition. At least. Oh, and about six more wheels...

congrats on moving and good luck! how exciting!i'd definitely keep knitting, and if i quit my job i would have more time to explore other creative outlets as well. how lovely that would be!

I would definately still knit. Instead of staying at my 9 to 6 job, I might open a yarn store. Or have a beaded jewelry stand selling my creations. Heehee. I would take long vacations and travel the world. As you can see, I have everything planned and is just waiting to win the lottery. Now, if only I will just get my butt off the chair to go buy the lottery ticket.

I cannot visualize a day without knitting -- either actual knitting or thinking about knitting! If I won the lottery, I'd probably knit more and use *some* of the money to promote knitting. At heart I'm a craftswomen, whether I'm programming the computer -- a modern day craft -- or knitting a pair of socks.

Maybe I wouldn't be in a stashalong if I won the lottery but stop knitting? Never!

your moving to Atlanta? Thats been my home for about 7 years now.If I won the lottery I can't think for one moment why i would stop knitting, heck I would knit more!I would probably have an angora goat farm set up, with horses and sheep! If I was filthy rich, and I would have farm hands to take care of everything. I think i would want to farm to be self sufficiant, even rich life is still unpredictable so I would probably sell the cashmere, though I myself would not be involved in the day to do. I would have pride in my product and strive to be the best. There is no point doing something if your not going to do it well and try your best.I could take lessons from the best knitting teachers, and when i felt stressed about seaming a neckband because I had never tried it before, I could simply hire someone to teach me. Would I have them do it for me? No way, would ruin the whole point of it! But I do rely on teacher for *some* things still, and more importantly its fun to talk with other knitters, and learn tricks from them.If I wont the lottery for real, I would buy a beutiful house, big but not too big, on a farm with a few horses.We would have an office set up for my husband and he could start his own business as he has always wanted, the man loves to work and would be bored if he didn't and it's not really truley 100% about the money.I would have kids :) and never work again! haha, but I would work.. I would learn all the things I have dreamed of learning! I would learn how to play the piano, and how to speak another language. i would travel all over the world, and I would knit, and I would raise our children, not a nanny. But it would be nice to have one availible so we could go to the movies and have date nights every once in a while.I would have atleast 3 kids, and raise them right, and not spoil them, but give them the best the world can offer. They would learn to work at 15 just like I did.

The real question is: "Would I do anything else?"MindofWinter

It's a long story but one time I very realistically thought (for about 30 minutes) I had won $10,000 in a lotto. Even though $10,000 wouldn't enable you to quit working, start a cashmere farm, buy a house, etc, I felt for those 30 minutes like the world was my oyster. I didn't change any plans, but my attitude toward my plans changed a little, like the reasons WHY I went to work that day changed, at least for 30 minutes...

If I can win lottery, I will most prob think like you. However, that hasn't happened and I don't buy lottery ahaha!Winning the lottery and retaining hobbies are 2 different issues... But stop working may be an idea! Haha! Prob can work part-time.Gal, keep knitting cos' you are really good at it, it will be a pity if you stop. :o)Wish you all the best in Atlanta. Hope to visit you soon :o)

No way would I stop knitting. I'd knit more. I'd hire someone to feed my children and do their laundry so I could knit more. I'd hang out at my LYS more often, heck I'd travel to LYS's across the country/world and just add to my stash.

Winning the lottery...sigh. That would be awesome. I think I would probably knit more but possibly for slightly different reasons - I knit compulsively now to destress from the day - I think I would do it for the sheer enjoyment of the fibre if I were stinkin' filthy rich. Not that I don't enjoy the fibres now but it would be cashmere all the way baby.

Great post! Best thing about winning the lottery is it would give me SO MUCH MORE time to knit!! I would keep knitting - evern "more" I think - because then I'd be able to buy all the luscious fibers and notions and patterns I want, would have more free time to knit and attend classes and go to shows...oh yes....to dream ;-)

Blossom, Good luck on moving~~~& Great to hear that you are closer to your dream!When I buy lotto ticket sometimes..I buy it not for real expectation of winning but 30 minutes of happy daydream of what am I going to do with all the money..If I win lotto.. I will knit without any guilt, Purchase books and yarns without any reservation, and throw out plastic training needle and replace it with beautiful japanese bamboo.aahh.. happy dream

I would never, ever quit knitting if I won the lottery. I would first pay off my parents' mortgage for them, pay off my school tuition, then use the rest to buy a residence for myself and LOTS of yarn- all the best for me!! :-D

I wouldn't quit knitting, but I would buy lots more expensive yarn.Good luck in Atlanta. I just moved FROM there recently, after having been there all my life.

Knitting isn't something I do to save money. I know I would keep knitting if I won the lottery. In fact, I would probably knit more...not having to work full time. I would have more time to pursuit fibre happiness.

Interesting post-made me stop and think. Good luck with moving. New place, new adventures (new yarn stores!!).

I quite agree with your statement, but have found lately that I really do like knitting enough to set it aside from that normal categorization. It has helped me through rough times and entertains me during dead time.

any way you put it though this was a provokative post with some interesting thoughts and well best wishes in moving towards your dreams :)