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February 07, 2006

a new butterfly

this morning on npr's morning edition, they were talking about the paris fashion shows. is it spring already?

i have finished the lavender baby coat. the process was a bit messy and fumed with disparity. however, the end result was sweet. i even had some yarn left for erika's lacy bonnet, which was about half way done. i found some paper thin shell buttons for the coat, and more to sew on the bonnet. my little niece will be the most adorable princess.

our friends will mail our coats and camera back to us. so i will get a chance to photograph the baby set before sending it off. i know words can be convincing, but pictures worth a thousand words.

i have been slightly influenced by the sew-along that has been going on. the site is so cute and many of my favorite bloggers are participating. and i am envious of all those talented girls who knit and sew. maybe i do need a sewing machine. it is inevitable. yes, i need one. what would you suggest for a very beginner who knows nothing about sewing?

ah, i do need a skirt. a flouncy, floral, patchwork like skirt.

spring knitting is happening here really soon, after the cobalt cardi, the overdue alpakka sweater, my mind will be focused on this lacy cami.

it is so 2005, but it is still pretty to me

a new butterfly in smoky grey! see, i have started a little already, with beads, too! now that the stores are flooded with spring hues and apparel, i may be able to find the most appropriate cami to layer with. bliss.



Yay! Lacy knitting! Your butterfly is pretty, nice color.

Can't wait to see the baby outfit and the lacy bonnet.

I agree - you NEED a sewing machine. I have a basic Singer. It doesn't do anything fancy - just straight and zig zag and buttonholes. And most importantly, it's easy to operate. I think you can get a basic machine at Costco or Walmart for not a lot of money. You know, the sew-along would be a perfect place to get your feet wet - all that support for questions :-) Butterfly is lovely and will be perfect for you. I can't wait to see the little baby sweater - I'm sure it's adorable.

Ohhh....I LOVE that color of Kidsilk Haze. Absolutely gorgeous.

Quick bit of advice - you might want to consider knitting the body in the round. It's not very much fun to seam.

Wow, that didn't take too much convincing at all. I'll be another enabler.. you NEED a sewing machine. How else are you going to machine steek your colorwork, or, or ... attach a zipper to your cardis with little effort ;) A basic Singer just like Steph said will do. My best friend's bf and I got one for her for Christmas at Target. It was on sale for $80!

Eek - spring knitting already?! Oh oh...

That's just beautiful, and not only in a 2005 way!

It surely feels like spring here ... imgaine, 24C! And the blooming trees too! But I am still knitting winter sweater!
I like the smokey grey colour of the KSH ... but I am a sucker for all colours of the KSH! :)

Butterfly is going to be gorgeous in that shade. I am sure that you will think of a stylish way to make it 2006!

What a beautiful choice of colour for Butterfly. I just love that pattern.

Please tell me how you work the "knit into double yo" in the Butterfly pattern? I've started knitting that thing about 5 times and that part gets me every time.

Beautiful color for Butterfly! I'm making the dress version in a dark blue. I can't wait to see your progress on this beautiful project!

Oh, I want to sew too.
I own a sewing machine, but I don'treally have the talent for sewing. My mom is WONDERFUL when it comes to sewing... I wish she had the time to tutor me!
Your Butterfly is Beautiful!

beautiful. so so pretty with the beads.

That lacy cami looks timeless. Is the KSH w/beads easy/hard to work with?

Ohhhhhh I LOVE Butterfly! I made it last fall and loved knitting it as much as I love wearing it. The border is the most fiddly part. Once you get into the pattern on the body, you kind of fall into that zen rhythm of lace that is knitting bliss. I love the dark grey - it's going to be beautiful!

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