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February 22, 2006


it took me two days to work up the courage to sit down with the machine and to start my sewing adventure. it was a friday night, after my husband had subtly taunted me with "so, when are you going to start sewing the skirt you have been talking about? huh? huh?".

the singer manual was barely twenty pages long (a good sign). i followed the diagrams, the arrows and everything, with occasional interpretations from husband (he is after all with english as his native tongue). twenty minutes later, i have successfully wound the bobbin, thread the top thread, put in the bobbin and tested out the tension (ahem, my machine has this super cool auto tension thing going, so this part is.. easy). then, i sew my first stitch!

straight lines are boring, i love these patterns!

the beauty of sewing is that once you have got it right, the stitches look so professionally done every single time. i tested out a few stitch patterns and i love them all. husband even tried some out (he is a reckless fast driver).

look! a bag!!

i even made my first bag out of some scrap fabrics with muslin as lining and all. i drew the seam line, pinned the fabrics and even finished the seams with some overcast stitches. i know they are all warped and uneven, but it is nonetheless a functional drawstring bag. i'm going to use it as my WIP bag for socks.

now i am ready to do the real sewing. i need tools.


these are all the tools i have that can be used for sewing thus far. not much, i know. i am missing some essential ones, too. hege, who has been a wonderful help, strongly suggested that i get some tracing paper and wheels. so i did. now i think i'm ready to cut the fabric. this weekend i'm thinking.

still no knitting, sorry ladies. tomorrow, i'll show you some beautiful knits from the japanese magazines i've been blabbering about a few months ago. you won't be disappointed.


woo hoo! the bag is supercute.

don't you love activities where there's an endless amount of cool gadgets to buy ;-) i know i do!

That's awesome! Your sewing machine is really cool - mine doesn't have any cool stitch patterns. And the bag is great. You should be really proud of yourself. And thanks for the link on the book - I ordered it yesterday. I hope it comes before the end of the week because I want to try to sew this weekend.

My first sewing project was three small bags using reversible fabric (and I was determined to show both sides, making a turned out hem) to use as gift bags for three knitted items I made for friends. I think jumping in with something like that really broke down my fear of the sewing machine! Good work!

Your sewing machine does cool stitches! Mine only does normal ones. I am looking forward to seeing more about the skirt. You're inspiring me to do some sewing.

Your bag is so cute, it really turned out well. Perfect for carrying socks.

Awesome! Great bag! I think I need to get some more tools too. I don't have any tracing implements.. damn.

Well, Blossom, I think you are truly ready to start on bigger things... Your little bag is very sweet. Can't wait to see this first skirt taking shape...

You're doing much better than I do with sewing - I had to have a friend come round and thread the machine for me!

Everything looks beautiful and nicely done, you don't even look like a beginner. That drawstring bag is so pretty. Can't wait to see the knits from your Japanese magazine, I miss seeing your knitting already.

Lovely stitches! I've been thinking about buying a sewing machine as well. Hmm, I'm starting to think that I should take the plunge.

How great that you've begun to sew. I wish I had that bug, too. Can't wait to see some more sewn items and knitted ones, too.

Stitch on!

well done- great work- I'm so excited for you starting this new adventure!

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