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February 17, 2006

fabric stash

well into february and i still have yet to buy any yarn. but look at my newly acquired fabric stash... so much for this self inflicted discipline.

amy butler, amy butler and more amy butler....

they are just as beautiful as fiber. after all, they are all fiber. i just looove these colors and patterns and flowers. they may be for quilting? no? i don't care. these are 100% cotton and they feel soft and look lovely on me. i don't care if i look like i'm wearing curtains.


easy patterns from butterick and mccalls. hopefully, they are really "easy" for a novice sewer like me!

i have selected these patterns for the sewalong. tomorrow, i'm washing the fabric. while they are drying, i will read my sewing machine's manual and do some practice run with the 10 yard muslin i had also bought. in addition to my knitting library, i received this book from amazon to get me started on sewing. so far, i'm loving how clear and comprehensive this book is. beautiful photographs along with all the instructions, i suspect this may be the only book i'll ever need in order to learn how to sew. seriously.

stay tuned for more sewing adventure. if you are here to read about my knitting, not much for today.

i do have a knitting blog to share: pine cone lodge. my good friend hege has decided to share her knitting with the world. she is originally from norway and is a fabulous knitter. she knits fair isle, aran, and is a big alice starmore fan. we have talked about starting rowan's birch together... look how far along she has knitted already!!

hege also crochets, sews and has some serious fashion sense. you will love her.


I love the fabrics you chose, so lovely. All these people sewing gives me a craving to do so myself, I am trying to hold myself back though, I have enough hobbies to keep me busy for a while.

I love, love, love Amy Butler fabrics. I just bought two of her patterns and fabric to make the bags.

Look at all those yummy fabrics! I can't even bring myself to hit the fabric stores for fear of spending. Looks like you did well!

Great spring fabrics! Look forward to reading about your sewing adventures.

Love all your fabric. So pretty! I'm actually thinking to make the McCalls 2hour skirt.

Love the fabrics you got! Did you get them online?

Wow. Great fabrics and they'll be great in those skirts. And thanks for the info on the book. I've been looking for a comprehensive sewing book. I guess I'll have to order it this weekend.

The fabrics you chose are beautiful! I look forward to seeing your handsewn creations.

I love the fabrics you chose. Those will make lovely spring and summer outfits! Have fun, be fearless with that sewing machine. :)

These fabrics are amazing! So beautiful! Wonder if I can get them in my area... ;) I can't wait to see the finished product. With fabrics like these, I am thinking that from now on you will be making a skirt for every knitted top you make.

Thank you for your introduction and your guidance in blog world!

Hi blossom I love the fabrics you chose.
How about your sewing machine of singer? I hope you will be enjoy to sew some skirts.
Also I am interested in elfin socks,I will check it.
Thanks your info and looking forword to reading more of your blog !!

They're all so beautiful! I love the brown stripe one. Very good taste, as usual. Looks like a lot of fun. You must be so excited, new hobby, new stash. Can't wait to see your first sewing project. My first sewing experience was trying to hem pants, so I practiced on some scraps, my stitches were so crooked, it was funny, it got better with more practice, and then I got distracted and haven't sewed ever since. I'm so happy you're doing it, it'll be so inspiring to hear your experiences.

Great fabrics ! Have a lot of fun !!!

Love the fabrics! Amy Butler fabrics are so great; I love them for clothes too.

Good luck!

Beautiful fabrics!!! The colors are so vibrant. As for the sewing book -- do you think it's appropriate for an absolute beginner (i.e. someone who knows nothing about sewing)?

That's what happened to me last year when I stopped myself from buying yarn, I bought fabrics :D) BTW, you'll look fabulous even if you have to wear curtains, no doubt about that.

Amy Butler fabrics are the BEST! I can't wait to see your finished skirts. They are going to be super cute! Great blog by the way!

Those are gorgeous fabrics. You are inspiring me to get my sewing machine fixed and sew something gorgeous for spring!

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