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February 13, 2006

lavender baby coat


knit project: lavender baby coat and matching bonnet by erika knight
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: 12 mo
yarn: rowan yarn classic's cashsoft aran in foxglove
knitting specs: US 6 & 7 (jacket), US 5 (bonnet)

this is probably the best picture i can get out of the crappy back-up camera we have. the baby set for my new niece is fortunately cute enough that we can forget about the poor imaging quality. the lady at LYS directed me to this fabulous shop for some silk ribbons. i think the whole set matches up wonderfully with the ballet princess fabric i'm using as a wrapping paper. i wanted to sew that into a diaper bag, but my machine is not here yet. so, a piece of fabric is hopefully just as good.


speaking of sewing machine... my husband has agreed to further support an additional hobby of mine. so we bought a singer machine (as pictured) for me!! buying a sewing machine is like buying a car, so many things to consider. however, since i'm just learning to sew, anything should be good enough for me. considering the altenative would be... hand-sewn!

i can't wait. i have already picked out some patterns for my first project. more later.


The sweater/coat is adorable, but oh my gosh, the bonnet MAKES the outfit! That is too cute for words. I love the old-fashioned style.

Have fun with your new sewing machine. I got an inexpensive one to do some basic things some time ago and it has served me well. It's a great thing to have.

That baby set is too cute! I have a friend who's expecting and I would love to make this for her. Can you refer me to a pattern?

That would be a very lucky baby girl! Adorable!
Oops! I just assumed it's a girl ... ;)

What a lovely set! I recognize Erika Knight's bonnet; is the sweater from the same book? They look fantastic together!

I'm also interested in the source of the sweater pattern!

Wow. The baby set is adorable. And yay for the new sewing machine.

What a beautiful baby set. The little bonnet is adorable. Nice new sewing machine, you will really enjoy your new hobby.

beautiful! i love that smock look.

Oooo, I love that bonnet!

Oh, this is so cute.

Lovely project, and oh-so soft! I'm especially enjoying the gathered look at the waist of the coat!

Wow, really nice set, love that silk ribbon. Have fun with the sewing!

Very sweet set. Hopefully we will get to see pics of your niece modeling for it.

I had a sewing machine too. It's G's 2004 X'mas present for me. Sadly, I had only use it to sew small stuffs like pillowcase. But I just got a Japanese pattern book so maybe just maybe I might do something more with it this year. One can only hope!

The cardi and matching bonnet look really good! Congrats on your sewing machine purchase!

that set is precious. have fun starting sewing! so far i haven't been bitten by the sewing bug but it seems to be going around, so who knows! my mother would be really happy/shocked if i took up sewing.

Ooooh! The baby set is so adorable!!! You did such a great job on that - what a lucky little girl!!

And I am so jealous of your new toy! I've been wanting a sewing machine for awhile now - but consciously put it off so I would knit down some of my stash before I started building a fabric stash on top of the yarn stash that's already threatening to take over my apartment!!

This baby set is adorable. Pity the lavender colour didn't show on the picture.
Have fun with your new toy!

OH I love it! I'm making my Odessa with the cashsoft right now and love knitting with it.

Gorgeous baby set! And a new sewing machine - I'm jealous!

That set is so beautiful, Blossom. An instant heirloom. The silk ribbon and the lovely buttons are perfect touches. Lovely work!

Can't wait to get sewing myself! ;)

Oh my! that baby set is truly beautiful. lovely job.

What a beautiful baby set! Good luck with your new toy -- I'll be curious to see what you sew.

Beautiful coat and bonnet! Have fun with your new machine. Can't wait to see what you stitch up.

double congratulations! beautiful coat and hat, and lovely sewing machine :)
good luck with the sewing- although you create such beautiful knitted work I'm sure it won't take long for you to get the hang of sewing.

oh the cuteness! unbearable! love the buttons on the bonnet - great idea.

Blossom, the baby cardigan looks beautiful. Your stitches are so absolutely perfect.
Thank you for being my inspiration!

That is just too cute! I know exactly what you mean. I had a hard time picking out my sewing machine too. Finally I just settled with something simple and affordable.

Blossom, thanks for much for the cute cute coat. MiMi (your niece's nickname) still stays well in my belly, and my doctor plans to induce her if there is no birth sign next Monday. she is now 41 weeks old!
I couldn't wait for her to get on this coat, but guess it will take another 9-12 months for her to grow big enough.
Thanks for much for this lovely present, and I will e-mail you our photos when she greets the world.

The set is lovely--that ribbon makes it so extra special!

What a lovely sweater. Congratulations on your nice work. Thanks for sharing your item.

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