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February 26, 2006

my front door

stephanie tagged me lately for a view from my front door.

english village, birmingham, alabama (summer, 2005)

this is a view from our apartment in the city. the neighborhood is beautiful, we love it there. the apartment is built in the early 30's. it is old but we love the view of this courtyard.

it is a perfect sunday morning here in alabama, mild weather and the birds are chirping. we are currently in our house in the suburb, where we stay on weekends only. our cats live here, they love it. and they will definitely miss it when we move away in a few weeks.

my cats love the woods. this is the place where we had found them about three years ago, the woods is their real home. they chase squirrels, birds and sometimes each other. they climb trees and i know they love their lives as cats!


from the room i called " whispering pine", i can see them playing sometimes.

speaking of my craft room... i'm still knitting, really! i started a pair of socks for husband, and am trying hard to finish the cobalt blue cardi. which i shall tell you more later this week. life has been busy.


It's a beautiful peaceful view. The cats are a hoot!

you live in the most gorgeous place! and i love the view from your craft room

What a beautiful view, and the cats are so cute playing. I really like the story of whispering pine, I have wondered how you came up with the name.

Wow, the landscaping is beautiful, you get to wake up to that almost every morning? Nice!

I love the view from your front door. If you have time, I'd love to see you post some more photos of your neighborhood any your apartment - I love the architecture of the 1930's.

That courtyard is so pretty. I'd love to look out to that each morning.

Gorgeous view. And those cats are hilarious. How's the move going? Have you found a house?

lovely view~~~

compare to mine(I see sound walls for freeway oneside & backside of apartment on the other) OTL

This a beautiful and peaceful view and I love the story behind Whispering Pine... but what will happen when you move???

Such a pretty view to look out to. Hope your new view will be great too.

What a gorgeous view! Those really do look like whispering pines to me :-)

gorgeous view (and completely unlike the English Birmingham!)

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