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February 02, 2006

to distract you from a pictureless post

it is amazing to me how much stuff one can accumulate over time. this phenomenon is especially true when it comes to yarn. fiber enthusiast's biggest joy and deepest sin. our common lust for yarn. argh!

i thought i was being very good and self-discipline for my stash. i never really buy yarn on a whim, usually i would have a pattern in mind. or, i would search out a pattern to justify the purchase (yes, it does sound like an excuse to buy yarn!). anyway, over time, i accumulated some stash. the other day i was mentally sorting through my stash, oh my goodness, i have enough sock yarns to make myself 10 pairs of socks. wow! this does not include yarns earmarked for sweaters, accessories, etc, etc.

it is really out of control.

so my most important resolution this year: no more yarns for me. i need to knit them all up, clear out my storage bin. wear my sweaters, socks, hats and scarves to make my time and money worthwhile. yes, very purist of me. i think i am on the right track so far... it's february and have not purchased any yarns. whoo hoo!

and i don't like to sell off my yarn, if i loved them enough to buy them at one point, selling them feels like a betrayal to my own feelings. i don't need to deal with such guilt. i love my yarn, they remind me of my past and bare a hope of flourishing into a lovable product in my future.


i am in exactly the same situation! spooky! i realized that, even though i "always" buy yarn with a specific project in mind, i actually have accumulated quite a stash over a short year. i also told myself i wouldn't be buying any more yarn for the year. and i haven't so far. we'll see if we can keep it up!

What can I say ... beside wishing you success with the resolution? Keep it up! ;)

Very good resolution and I hope you can keep it. My stash is not huge, but I want to use it too... it is hard!!!

I am knitting my stash too, and that's the easier part but not buying yarn is not possible for me. Last month I bought 3 balls and yesterday I bought 10 balls. So I wish you all the self-restraint in the world :)

Isn't it amazing how quickly things accumulate. I'm in the same boat - I thought I was doing good and then bam - I have stash! Good for you using your existing yarn. I'm trying to do that to and so far so good.

Strength! I'm trying to do the same thing...

I agree, no need to feel guilty for not wanting to sell them, why should you, they make you happy. Having a huge stash is no big deal, you're not alone, it's a very natural thing for a knitter :) haha

I'm at the same point as you. I don't have a stash as large as others, but I do have quite a bit of yarn that really needs to be knitted. And cleary while I might buy yarn for a project, that's what I rarely end up using it for. Best of luck on your endeavor!

I prefer to buy yarn with a project in mind, however i can't buy fabric with a project in mind, it's too hard to come away from the fabric store with nothing. ;-)

I will pray for your strength sista!

I make same resolution every 3 months.. but never succeeded..

I feel the exact same way about my stash. I love having all that yarn and thinking about all the projects-to-be - and would not feel good about selling any - because I still want to knit them all!
But there is a limit to how many projects one can plan and stash up for - and I tink I also am right around there now... Good luck to you and to us all in the process of stash-decreasing - and just think of all the new yarn we can buy when our present stash is gone...;)

Your website has become my favorite internet pastime!
Oy! In October 2005, I too VOWED to "knit-up" every little ball, skein, hank and scrap of yarn I have accumulated since I started knitting 4 years ago. It is June 2006 and I've emptied out a footlocker of yarn that now fills just a suitcase! Yeah!

Whispering pine is like having a knitting partner that you've never met who lives in another state.

Thanks for sharing.

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