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March 08, 2006

fabric swap


so have i at least inspired some of you to sew? please say yes! my goal this summer is to knit a top and then sew a skirt to match the top. actually, this is hege's idea. she is a great enabler for my sewing, just look at these loveliest fabrics she gave me!!! and, a close up on the ultrasuede. the prettiest powdery pink. i am not sure what this will become, but i think it matches pretty well with this cutest baby face that belongs to my niece.

i know we fiber enthusiasts are all about yarn and fiber porns. unfortunately my old site has recently been maliciously revived into an adult version. and i can't begin to tell you how awful but helpless i feel! blogger is not going to care about my complain so i can only ask you to update your links to this one. thank you!


Gorgeous fabrics. I have some ideas about sewing and knitting combinations as well. That baby face is absolutely adorable.

I'm so sorry about your old address. I can't help but wonder why they would pick such a name. Jeeze.

I think I have that pok-a-dotty fabric in hot pink! I made a needle-case with it. Fun fabrics!

What a great idea: knit one, sew one!
Your fabrics are lovely and you've got enough to keep you busy for a while...

Yeah, that old address thing was crazy. I was rather surprised when I was catching up with all my reading when I came across a bunch of non-knitting related photos. And of course, my 3 year old daughter was with me. I looked away for a second to let everything load and next thing I hear - Mommy, look at all the boobies - I turned around, WHAT? And then she goes running downstairs to my husband. "Daddy, me and Mommy are looking at boobies." Great, now I'm sure she will be spouting of at her preschool about it. LOL!

BTW. the fabric is awesome!

That's awful. I am so sorry about that old address thingy.

I like that ultrasuede fabric you have. Yes, you have inspired me to sew a skirt for myself. I am still scouting for the right pattern for me though.

Oh, that is lovely, especially the brown. I am just re-learning to sew.
I found out about the "adult" hack of your old site by accident. Ugh.

Yikes, happy International Women's Day, I guess!
I can't believe that happened to your address! So sorry.

On the other hand, your niece is absolutely adorable :)

Of course you have, you're always an inspiration! But I'm kind of afraid that I won't understand the instructions... Anyway, nice fabrics!

Sorry to hear about your old address, that's so annoying...

Fabulous colours, so many possibilities. Look forward to further inspiration from you. Right now, I am wearing my hand knitted sweater with a skirt I sewed :)

Congrats on the circle skirt! It looks lovely. And welcome to my blog too. I'll come back here more often, even if I don't knit. :)

I love the idea of a handmade outfit - knit tank and sewn skirt. I have thought about this too, so it just may be in my future too! :)

That baby face....too precious for words. I think your fabric choice is perfect. While I can't say you inspired me to sew (been sewing by machine for 31 years now - how's that for an admission?), you may well have inspired me to dip into my stash and actually make something :-)

So sorry to hear about your old address- It's a bit of a worry- such things that we don't have control over, but impact on us and those we know.

i really want to learn how to sew and all of your gorgeous fabric pictures are making me want it even more. i even bought a quilting book recently. now if only i had a machine. can't wait to see what you make with those pretty fabrics.

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