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March 20, 2006

if you can't see the patterns...

why should it matter?

railway socks from nancy bush's "vintage socks"

our house is in a complete mess, i could not even find a calm place to knit, or sew. boxes are on top of each other, cats are in the boxes... where is my shirt? my shoes?

i wanted to use this yarn, sisu superwash wool that was retired from this, to knit my husband another pair of socks and had started this project a few weeks ago. charcoal is his favorite color. it looks really lovely and banana republic-ish. railway pattern is an alternate of knit and purl in various combinations. subtly sophisticated. but, can you see the pattern?

so subtle, you can't even tell. oh well.

i do love this pattern though, and will continue as is. maybe by the fall, husband will have yet another pair of handknit socks.


I like those socks very much. I just finished the gentleman's fancy socks from the same book for my husband ( and then he packed his bags and went for a businesstrip including skiing with the socks before I had time to get pictures for the blog, grrr..., and the railway socks are next up on the husband socklist (but I have to knit for the chldren too, they are longing for handknit socks all four of them).

You chose a very nice pattern, your progress looks good. And that looks like a very comfortable stitch, so as long as his feet feels it, it's ok that it's subtle. Great book isn't it?

You moved this weekend, and you have time to knit? I am very impressed! :) Beautiful socks!

You may not be able to see the pattern from a distance, but you can see that there *is* some kind of texture and that adds interest. Looking good so far!

Gorgeous. I really like that pattern (ok, I like all the patterns in that book).

I agree with Kathy -- while there isn't a lot of stitch defininition, the pattern creates a much more interesting feel than plain stockinette. Those ARE very Banana Republic! Well done!

Those socks are so nice and manly. I don't think I am nice enough to knit socks for my husband!

Lovely, perfect-for-husbands, socks!

Great pattern even if you can't see it...

Hi Bloss! Wow! Greg is so lucky to have you knit him so many socks! :o) How's your packing coming along?

Subtle is good! I have my eye on that pattern (and basically every other one in the book as well), but right now I'm knitting the Gentleman's Fancy Socks. The pattern (which is basically just ribbing variations) is looking VERY subtle with the yarn I chose, but I love it anyway.

I LOVE the railway socks. Very very nice.