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March 13, 2006

little grey visitor


the packing began last weekend and i will be having a few boxes like this with the same label. yarn, yarn, yarn and more yarn! knitting books, too.

the next couple weekends, we'll move from one city to another. from one apartment to this house, from this house to a bigger apartment. all of us, including all the cats.

just when you think life can not be more complicated... a little visitor was begging at the door.

meow... can i come in?

aww, how could you not give this little grey thing some tuna or our cats' kitty treats? but we didn't. she was trying to make herself at home on our deck, and our cowardly cats were all hiding in the woods.

i'm really hungry...

later that day, we found out that she actually belongs to our neighbor across the street. what a relief. though it did not stop her from coming to visit the next day, and the day after that.


What a cute kitty, looks a lot like the cat I had as a child. Would have been hard not to feed him. Good luck with your packing.

Oh good, I'm so glad she belongs to someone! She is a sweetie.

Good luck with your moving. I can think of little so exhausting. I'm sure it'll all be worth it, though, when you settle into your new location!

What a cute little kitty. I'm glad she's just coming to say hello and doesn't really need a home. Good luck on the packing - such a tiresome task.

moving..oh how exciting! where are you off too? (please say melbourne ;-)

Awwww. She's so tiny! My sister has a cat (Twinkle - her daughters named it) that looks just like that, SO small, she makes my cats look like giants.

The last time I moved, most of my yarn went in garbage bags. Boxes were a luxury! Luckily I was only moving a few blocks. You know BU, every student within a half-mile radius!

That little grey cat looks so much like Claudia's Igor!
Moving from an apartment to a house, then another apartment? I like smaller apartment ... though the space is limited, it also means smaller space to clean! You can see how much I LOVE housework!

I don't envy you all the packing, but the un-packing should be fun!

Oh my gosh! That looks JUST like my cat Pixel when he was just a wee kitten.

Totally OT.

Carole and I were in Trader Joes the other day for the Grand Opening and in the liquor aisle. She saw some bottle of Vodka and said, "That looks like Whispering Pine's Blog!'


She looks exactly like our little Rocko!
Great photos.

Looks very much like a thinner version of my ILs' cat. Glad to hear you found an owner, the cat is so cute.

She looks very much like my cat Charlie. About the same age as well.

Good luck with your move! I can sympathize only too well.

Clearly you need another cat, three is not enough! So sad I will not be in Atlanta to welcome you. :( We could be setting up our Virginia-Highlands fashion yarn shop... :)

Good luck with moving!!
It is huge trouble packing & moving -- but
you will Love living in new place ..

Good luck with all the moving Blossom! I know its so hard to get everything organized, but it will all be over soon. What a cute little gray kitty :) Lots of hugs to you and the family!

Aw, what a sweet looking cat, though. Wishing you luck in your upcoming move (and kicking myself to get more packing done myself).

awwwww, that is one of the cutest cats I have ever seen! I love grey cats (like my Asta :)). I love your blog, I'm so glad I found it, I was trying to decide what post to comment to and I just couldn't go past the cute kitty :P
MissMeshell xx

Of course you can't turn a cat that sweet down... Good luck with the move, things will eventually all reappear - usually in the most unexpected places.

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