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March 01, 2006

more knitting inspirations

the center picture is the cover, the rest is the content. so rowan, so beautiful!

my sister bought me three japanese knitting magazines, one for women (me!), one for babies and one for accessories. i love all of them and i am showing you the one for women today. it is surprisingly beautiful. i'm loving all of the projects above and can see myself knitting one this coming winter.

later, i'll show you the accessories book. that one is also full of beautiful knits. if you think that i have been leading you on with many empty promises... i apologize. we have finally secured a place to stay in the new city and i am quitting my current job in a couple weeks. i am hoping to have a few weeks in between jobs so we can move and be able to catch up on knitting and sewing! for sewing... i went crazy with hancock fabrics' $1 per pattern last weekend and had also bought way too much fabric.

spring is here.

p.s. i deleted the old whispering pine blog today. if you are still linking me with the old address (i know some of you still do), it is now invalid.


You're gonna be one busy lady. Gorgeous stuff.

They're pretty, I like the dark green sweater on the top left. I hope you'll get a long break in between too, really miss seeing your knits. I saw your post on the sewing blog, nice, can't wait to see the skirt.

That's a lovely book of winter knits. Hope you will have a good break.

lovely lovely books!

I love that in the standard triad of men, women, and children, "men" have been replaced with "accessories" in this instance. On second though, maybe that's not much of a difference. :D

Gorgeous stuff, and I can't wait to see what you choose to knit!

Those projects look great! Thanks for sharing your new knitting books with us.

Very beautiful! I think you should make the red shawl collared jacket in the upper left. Very city, for the city girl!

oooohhhhhh - I'd love to get my hands on that magazine - those all look lovely!

ok - babblefish won't translate amazon japan for me... anyone know where in the US one might find these beautiful magazines?

Oooh, they all look so sumptous! Can't wait to see your take on them!

Oops, I meant Scrumptious.

You're right, VERY Rowan! Not what I'd expect from a Japanese mag, especially with that very caucasian model.

Yes!! I love "Kaze-koubou" too!!

Beautiful patterns! I am looking forward to see what you decide to knit. Good luck with the move.

I have this book and is hoping to knit that fair isle pattern sans furry collar & cuffs. :)

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