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April 03, 2006

catching up


i am here still, sitting in our messy house to write my overdue entry. the past few weeks, we have properly moved out of birmingham, the city where i used to work, and moved into the place in atlanta. what is left to do are tidying up our house here, organizing the biggest yarnsale yardsale* ever and moving the animals to the new city.

i will not bore you anymore with the move. it is only interesting if you are involved. here, let's talk knitting and sewing.

unfortunately, i have little to say about my craft. only things i do related to knitting are reading your blogs and window shopping for fabrics and yarns online. the next sewalong will be a bag project. i'm already thinking amy butler and her lovely home decor fabrics. delicious for the spring.

we are eager to settle down, really. this charming southern city is so vibrant, spring here is filled with energy, dogwood blossoms. i am also looking foward to discovering new yarn shops, fabric stores and possibly knit bloggers alike.

more later.

edit: did i type "yarnsale" instead of "yardsale"?? i meant to say yardsale. thanks, elizabeth. we have many furniture, nitty gritty stuff and work out equipment to get rid off, but yarns, i'm keeping them all.


Well, what do you know! I've been reading your blog for a couple months now, and now I see you're in my neighborhood! Atlanta knitters and craftsters are the best, I hope you enjoy it here!

Glad you're settled into your new home, quite exciting and fun isn't it?

Good to hear that you've arrived to your new place! That's very exciting for you, have fun with the yarn and fabric shopping in your new city!

I'm glad the move is going well and I'm really glad you posted. I just bought some Amy Butler home decor fabrics for the sew-along - fabric is just as dangerous as yarn.

Good luck settling into your new place! I was wondering...do you like your sewing machine? I am thinking of buying the Singer 7462, and it looks like you have a similar one.

Phooey! I live in Birmingham and JUST discovered your blog! I was hoping to meet you - your pictures and FOs have impressed me to no end! If "yarnsale" wasn't a typo - please keep me posted (pun intended, ha!) and I'm sure I could manage to take some yarn off your hands.

I am glad to hear the moving in is going well... Enjoy the spring and your new place :) Hugs

I thought you were having a yarnsale too! Glad you are hanging on to your yarns. Good luck with the move!

I know moving takes alot out of you- sometimes there's not enough time in life to fit in everything we want to do. Crafting has been taking a bit of a back seat for me lately too.
Looking forward to seeing what you do for your next wesalong project though!

hahaha ... hahaha ... I didn't for a moment suspect there was anything wrong! Actually I've been expecting you to tell us your eBay seller ID so that we can go and have a look what yarns you're selling! hahaha ... hahaha ...

yarnsale...knitting must be on your mind :)

Blossom, I wish you the best of luck getting settled and organized in the new place! Hope you are well~

Oh, yardsale, that makes so much more sense!!! I thought you were nuts selling yarn because of moving. Moving was to make more room for yarn, right? :) Enjoy Atlanta, go to the Dogwood Festival today!