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April 13, 2006

georgia's fish

i will be starting my new job next monday, so this week, we are trying to explore the new city like tourists. it has been fun! one of the places i wanted to visit is the georgia aquarium. it is currently the world's largest aquarium with many fishes... whales, penguins, sea otters and more.


how impressive is this viewing window? the largest viewing window in north america. i am not a diver so this is really the closest i'll ever get to a whale and that big fish.

wanna see the diver in the tank?


at one point his cart had slipped, that would have been interesting fo us and the fishes.

the line at the aquarium was crazy! i had heard about it so before we went, we reserved the tickets online. it really really saved us from standing in line for hours. anyway, i had so much fun, however, my husband is a diver, so he was not as impressed as i was. what can i say, i am a city bumpkin.

for those of you who are in love with ocean:
a gorgeous jelly fish (it may has a more intelligent scientific name, but let's just call it a jelly fish)

a beluga whale with a name that has currently escaped me. i never really paid attention to the writing on the wall

a school of stingrays. their tails were being nibbled by the yellow fish. really. it was really weird

a sea dragon. so beautiful it can be my desktop background

and lastly, at the river scout section, a bunch of hungry piranha. viscious fish, i tell you.

atlanta is earning my love by the day.


Thanks so much for the beautiful photos! I love jelly fish, dolphines and otters ... and I love visiting the Monterey Aquarium too! Rarely see sea dragon ... and it is so cute!
Wish you well in your new job, new home and new city!

Very cool pics. Best wishes next week!

Awesome photos. I've always wanted to learn to dive, but there isn't much water in Wyoming! I'm glad you're settling in in Atlanta.

Nice pictures, glad you're having a lot of fun. Have a great weekend and good luck next week!

I love that phrase "city bumpkin" I'm going to use it whenever I am wowed by something in nature.

I love aquariums, in Seattle I saw a sea dragon for the first time, aren't they the most amazing creatures?

Yay aquariums! I'll have to find an excuse to go down to Atlanta to see that one. I love your pic of the jellyfish!

I am glad you like your new city. Thanks for the pictures, they are just beautiful!

Very nice pictures! Glad you are having such a good time. :)

Great photos! My husband was there in December and he said the viewing wall was magnificent.

I love the photos!!!!! Now I can add more fish and creatures to my "must see while diving" list. Thanks.