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April 12, 2006

i heart routine

only yesterday i had the chance to finally unpack my craft from boxes. weeks of no knitting/sewing had been difficult... but i had sort of lost the urge to knit or sew like i used to. which was sad, i think. but yesterday i found myself thinking about knitting and wanting to finish some projects, start some new ones and share them with all of you.

i am eager to get back to my routine. really.

and, joujouka, a lovely japanese crafter, had sent along the greatest package this week. we had gotten to know each other through the sewalong. she knows my fascination of japanese craft and we did a little swap.


these are the most delicate supplies of knitting and sewing: two cones of yarns, one 100% linen and one 30/70 silk and linen. a book filled with the most beautiful sewing projects, and, some gorgeous linen and cotton fabrics from linnet and checks & stripes. i feel like in a crafter's heaven.

close up of the gorgeous yarns... they make great summer shawls and lacey tops!

i have great respect for japanese craft books, especially the newer, more comteporary ones. they are just incredibly beautiful to look at. in the end, these seemingly unnecessary lifestyle items became a "must have". also, all the projects are simple and i think i will be able to follow just by reading through the diagrams. this is inspiration to its purest form.

these are some of my favorites:

shoulder bag with a bit of ruffles. it complements so well with a handknit hat and top...

a dust bag. why would you ever need a dust bag, but i want one...

i want to look like the model, so wispy and delicate in this apron dress, it makes crafting so much more posh and trendy...

finishing off the projects with cross-stitching monograms...

ah... i can't wait to start. i think my dining room can use some handsewn table napkins, place mats, table runners... and i certainly need an apron for that.


Those images are awesome! I love those Japanese craftbooks too! I can't wait to see what you make for the sewalong!

I know what you mesn, moving does that to you doesn't it? I'm still yet to find a routine! Love the cones of yarn, beautiful!. Oh, yeah, i started knitting my first proper pair of socks!!

What a lovely package, everything is so pretty, especially the two cones of yarn. She did a great job!

how do you like Atlanta so far? maybe we could meet up when I'm in town at the end of the month, maybe...hee.

gorgeous stuff. i'm glad you're settling in and starting to get the crafting bug again. i can't wait to see what you choose for your bag project.

The Japanese craft books I've seen on blogs look so interesting! I will have to look into them. I hope you settle in and find your routine soon. I remember that when I moved last year, it took me awhile to get everything squared away and feel like knitting again. Good luck!

So many beautiful images - the pictures of the crafts and the yarns are just perfect. They look like they are from a magazine!

Continued luck getting settled into the new place. I hope that you are able to get some crafting time soon.

Best wishes,

I am looking forward to you going back to the "routine". I have missed the lovely FOs. Great package you've got there, I am expecting great things from you soon...

Oooh, so many lovely things! I really like the apron dress.

Glad to hear you're settling in. Very nice package you got there.

So good to get your materials and tools and books out again- and new ones are always inspiring! what a great swap.

I luv japanese craft...after seeing the one yo featured I hunted it don on Yes asia....and ended up purchasing more,lol....when does the new sew along begin...and how do u sign up?

Ooooh gorgeous book! Where could I find such a book? I MUST HAVE that shoulder bag!