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May 17, 2006

everyone needs a pair of good shoes

even pumpkin has sexy feet, but i guess she prefers to move around without shoes

my dream red sandals were out of stock. can you believe this? i guess that's $130 i'm not going to spend. instead, i found this funky number and they are coming to me as we speak.

but let's move on to other things... my extremely neglected sewalong bag. i got my fabrics and the pattern yesterday, while i love amy's fabric, i had a feeling that this lotus pattern may be way big for the intown bag i want to make. so, although i had bought the fabrics, i felt like i still had nothing...

see the out of proportion gigantic lotus pattern?

the linen fabric i got from joujouka, however, kind of jumps to the plate. i originally had plans to make it into table napkins, but, what i had was only enough to make three. which is a very odd number as far as a set of table napkin goes. i am now thinking of interfacing it and make that the exterior of my bag. linen equals summer, summer linen bag equals super chic. right?

i'm still using the cutsy blue flower print as the lining. that still looks great, i think.

this is the first time i came in physical contact with amy butler's patterns. they are a bit different from what i had expected. patterns i've had had been printed on those flinsy paper while amy's were in real paper. and, the pieces look extremely simple and straight forward, so much that i felt like 12.95 per pattern is a bit pricey. still, i would pay for her originality and creativity. but, as a consumer, i may need to make like 12 bags to make my money well worth. i'm even thinking of making it bigger (or smaller), re-drafting the pattern to suit my needs. yes, definitely.

obviously i'm not the only one rolling around in amy's fabrics. my cat has a good taste, too.


I like the linen a lot! Especially with the floral lining.

My cats have great taste in yarn - I've gone away for the past two weekends, and upon returning home I've found a skein of Diakieto and a skein of Lorna's Laces pulled out and strung around the apartment. Charming!

Those are some crazy shoes... :) Very cool. They will make your outfit!

The sexy feet of your cat made me gasp in joy!

I think you should take a picture of your foot in your sexy new shoes with Pumpkin's foot there too. It will be a sexy foot photo! I love the new fabrics and I like the linen w/ the fabulous floral lining. Amy's patterns are expensive, but it doesn't seem to stop me from buying them (or here expensive fabric for that matter).

Cute paw, and cute shoes!

Those shoes are wonderful!

Beautiful fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this bag... and the others (you've got to justify the price of the pattern!)

What a brilliant picture of Pumpkin's little paw! I keep threatening to make my little grey kitten some orange-striped socks so he can be just like his "big brother".

Can't wait to see what you do with the Amy Butler fabric. I'm thinking seriously that I need to make the "Covington" bag.

A sophisticated linen bag sounds great for summer. Amy Butler's patterns are pretty simple.. for a beginning sewer like me, its a good start.

I feel the same way about Amy Butler patterns. Also, have you noticed that the lines aren't exactly...straight? Like they were hand drawn? That's cool if you came up with it yourself, but not if you're selling it across the globe...

In any case, I love her patterns. Expensive, but I love them.

Those are some very sexy "kitten heels"!

found your blog linked over on aquaknits, and i've just spent a pleasant evening going through your site... wow! your knits are inspiring, and even more so are your photos! do you mind sharing details on your photography? (i have tons of cute cat paw pix but never think to post them - you've inspired me there too!)

I look forward to seeing your bag, Blossom. The fabrics are so pretty!

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